Bhurak Starkiller was a Kilrathi ace fighter pilot in the fictional Wing Commander game series. He makes one appearance in Wing Commander (1990).

Bhurak Starkiller was one of the finest pilots of the Empire of Kilrah. He always flew a Salthi light fighter. He fought in the Vega Campaign during 2654. Up until that point, Bhurak had sixty-four kills in both pilots and capital ships. When TCS Tiger's Claw was in the McAuliffe System on 2654.132, Bhurak and his squadron attacked a Drayman-class Transport that then-First Lieutenant Christopher Blair and Major James Taggart were escorting to the Tiger's Claw. 1st Lieutenant Blair managed to shoot down Bhurak before the transport was destroyed, killing the ace pilot.

Bhurak Starkiller's real name was Bhurak nar Caxki, meaning he was a member of the nar Caxki clan.

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