William "Billy" Rosewood is a fictional character from the Beverly Hills Cop film series, and is portrayed by Judge Reinhold.

Fictional character biographyEdit

Billy was born in 1960 and joined the Beverly Hills Police Department in 1981. A good cop, Billy is known to go strictly by the book, and is not as tough as his partner, John Taggart. In the first film, he was generally polite and bumbling, and not particularly competent at anything, until it was revealed toward the end of the film that he had excellent marksmanship with a pistol. The second film expands on this, showing Rosewood having and using excessive firepower and weaponry, as demonstrated by the line: "Billy, we gotta talk."

Billy primarily uses a Colt Detective Special revolver in the first film, a Smith and Wesson Model 25 in the second film, and a SIG-Sauer P226 in the third one.

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