Bird in a Cage
Directed by Antonio Zarro
Produced by Bradford Carr
Truman Anquoe Jr.
Written by Antonio Zarro
Distributed by Zarro Entertainment
Release date(s) 1986 (1986)
Running time 60 minutes
Country Template:FilmUS
Language English
Budget $ 15,000

Bird in a Cage is a 60 minute 1986 American comedic drama film written and directed by Antonio Zarro while he was attending the Christian Broadcasting Network University (now Regent University).


Zarro's original script for the film had the two leads dying, but this was changed when CBN University associate professor and executive producer of the film Terry Lindvall felt "so many deaths would make the movie too much like a Shakespearean tragedy." He also recounted how a "blue tint applied at the film lab to turn a swimming scene from day to night made the heroine's pink bathing suit seem to disappear", which compelled Lindvall to censor most of the swimming shot."[1]


The film follows a thief into the countryside where he is mistaken as preacher which is transformational.[2]


Hal Erickson of All Movie Guide remarked that the director was a college student when he "lovingly assembled" the film, writing "The material is simple (and sometimes simplistic), but demands artistry. Novice filmmaker Antonio Zarro delivered that artistry."[3]


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