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Bizarro Flash is a comic book character in the DC Comics family of comic books.

Fictional character biographyEdit

Silver AgeEdit

The first Bizarro-Flash was create when Bizarro cloned Flash. He had a costume the reverse colors of Flash's, however he had a gavel symbol because Flash was holding one when he was cloned. He looks like a normal human. Since the Bizarros pride themselves on being the reverse of humans, he was banished into space until he looked "normal". He fell in love with Lois Lane and protected people to woo her. Despite his face looking normal, he still "thought backwards". Superman discovered his true nature and he reverted to his true form. He went back to Htrae and join the Bizarro League.


This version was recreated by Bizarro to stop Bizarro-Doomsday from killing all the Bizarros. The new Bizarro League stopped him by dropping their base on him. Unlike the previous version, this version's costume was the same design as the Flash's, but with a thunderbolt-shaped mustard stain. He was also very obese and made wisecracks to hide his pain.

Powers and abilitiesEdit

Silver AgeEdit

Bizarro-Flash was made out of the "speed force" like the the Rival. So he was intangible and as fast as Barry Allen.

Modern AgeEdit

Bizarro-Flash could fly at speeds of light.

Other versionsEdit

  • All-Star - In All-Star Superman, another "Bizarro Flash" appear. He is super slow and has a costume the same as the Flash. He could run a maximum of two inches per mile.
  • In DC Super Friends issue 18, another Bizarro Flash appears. This version wears a costume the same to the Silver Age version, but has a red lightning bolt instead of a gavel. He is also extremely lazy like the modern Bizarro-Flash.

See alsoEdit

The Reverse-Flash



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