Black Swan Story
Directed by Richard Edkins
Produced by Richard Edkins
Starring Joel Pott
David Pott
Music by Athlete
Cinematography Richard Edkins
Editing by Richard Edkins
Release date(s) 2009
Running time 44 minutes
Language English

Black Swan Story is a 2009 documentary film by Richard Edkins.[1] This film, with music from Athlete, follows Joel Pott and his father David on an emotional road trip. [2][3]


Joel’s Grandfather, Major John Pott was a British Paratrooper who fought in the Battle Of Arnhem in 1944. [4] John's brother was Major John Frost who is best known for being the leader of the small group of airborne forces that actually got to Arnhem bridge during the Battle of Arnhem.

The film follows Joel Pott, singer with Athlete, along with his father David , in retracing his grandfather's footsteps in Arnhem.

Release Edit

An 11 minute edit of the film was shown on Channel 4 (6/11/09) as part of a 4Music feature on Athlete. On Monday 9th November 2009 the full 43 minute film was streamed live by Livestream in partnership with the Royal British Legion. [5]. 'Black swan story' is available on DVD and online.[6]

References Edit

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