Quantum Leap episode
"Blind Faith"
Episode no. 205
Season 2
Leap Date February 6th, 1964
Leap Location New York City, New York
Airdate November 1st, 1989
Leaped Into Andrew Ross
Writer(s) Scott Shepherd
Director David J. Phinney
Episode chronology
Previous "What Price Gloria?"
Next "Good Morning, Peoria"

"Blind Faith" is an episode from the second season of the television series Quantum Leap which aired on November 1st, 1989.[1]


Sam leaps into Carnegie Hall as Andrew Ross, a blind pianist. While continuing the charade of being blind, Sam must both convince his girlfriend's mother to accept him though he's blind and save his girlfriend from a serial killer.[1]

Brushes with historyEdit

  • Sam leaps into his host on the eve of The Beatles landing at JFK International Airport, and crowds of rabid fans can be seen whenever Sam is outside. He even catches one fan as she passes out.

Music Edit


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