Blood Out
Directed by Jason Hewitt
Produced by Michael Arata
Jason Hewitt
Carsten H.W. Lorenz
Brendan Garst
Blaine McManus
Written by John A. O'Connell
Jason Hewitt
Starring Val Kilmer
AnnaLynne McCord
Tamer Hassan
Luke Goss
50 Cent
Cinematography Christian Herrera
Distributed by Flag of the United States Flag of the United Kingdom Lionsgate
Template:Country data Canada Grindstone Media
Release date(s) 2011
Country Template:FilmUS
Language English

Blood Out is an 2010 American dramatic thriller film written by Jason Hewitt and John A. O'Connell, and starring Val Kilmer and Luke Goss,[1] the film is Hewitt's directorial debut.[2]


A "few weeks" of filming began May 10, 2010,[1] on locations in Baton Rouge, Louisiana.[3]

Vinnie Jones appears in the film and, despite reports of a earlier conflict with actor Tamer Hassan, both were quite amicable on and off the set.[4]

As an unusual method of "clearing his head" on set after "flubbing" an occasional line of dialog, Val Kilmer would briefly break into dog-like barks and howls.[5]

Cinema Management Group of Los Angeles is handling sales, with distribution pre-sales having been made for such countries as Australia, New Zealand, Thailand, Vietnam, Indonesia, Latin America, Poland, Turkey, Hungary, the Czech and Slovak Republics, Scandinavia and the Middle East.[2]

Lionsgate/Grindstone acquired distribution rights for the U.S. and Canada while Lionsgate U.K. acquired distribution right for the U.K.,[6][7] and has announced tentative plans for an end-of-year domestic release of the film.[2]

Plot Edit

Small town Sheriff Michael Spencer (Luke Goss) gets stone-walled by big city detectives when he asks them to investigate his younger brother's death. His brother David (Ryan Donowho), a gang member, was murdered by members of his own gang for having wanted to quit the gang lifestyle in order to marry Anya (AnnaLynne McCord). Spencer takes of his badge and goes undercover to seek justice for the death of his brother, and crosses paths with Arturo (Val Kilmer), the leader of an international ring involved in human trafficking.

Partial castEdit

References Edit

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