Blood of the Dragon
Blood of the Dragon
Studio album by Nox Arcana
Released November 27, 2006
Genre New Age, Ambient
Label Monolith Graphics
Professional reviews

Black Angel , Side-line Magazine

Nox Arcana chronology
Blood of Angels
Blood of the Dragon
Shadow of the Raven

Blood of the Dragon is a musical album incorporating an interactive puzzle. The music is mainly instrumental, with a classical, symphonic, and at times tribal Celtic sound. The music is interspersed with brief narrations and sound effects that relate a story.

The overall theme is laden with elements popularized in sword and sorcery stories and games, such as wizards, warriors, dragons, elves, witches, dwarves and trolls. These and other dark fantasy archetypes are represented visually in the artwork that accompanies the disc, and are also strongly suggested by the musical compositions.[1]

The instrumentation, in addition to piano, includes heavy-sounding drums, gong, bagpipe, harp, acoustic guitar and fiddle, and features apropriate sound effects such as war horns, deeply reverberating chants, swords clashing, chainmail clanking and the war cries and stamping feet of what sound like thousands of men. The album begins and ends with some brief narration in the manner of furthering the story.

Nox Arcana took their concepts of musical storytelling even further with Blood of the Dragon by incorporating an actual quest into their music and cd packaging. The booklet features artwork and puzzle designs by Joseph Vargo. The songs provide hints to set the listener/player upon their Quest. [2]

The overall conscensus from reviewers and fans of the Dungeons & Dragons games is that Blood of the Dragon is "one of the best Dungeons & Dragons style soundtracks" and exceeds the listener's expectations. The music has been recommended as an alternative or complementary soundtrack for movies like Conan The Barbarian, The 13th Warrior and Lord of the Rings.[3][4][5][6]

Track listingEdit

Music composed and performed by Joseph Vargo and William Piotrowski.

  1. "Ancient Legacy" — 1:34
  2. "The Quest Begins — 3:29
  3. "Citadel of Secrets" — 3:05
  4. "Sorcerer" — 2:38
  5. "Treasure of the Four Crowns" — 3:11
  6. "Highland Storm" — 3:52
  7. "Mist Loch" — 2:57
  8. "Underworld" — 3:31
  9. "The Mystic’s Keep" — 4:01
  10. "Stygian Depths" — 1:15
  11. "Legions of Darkness" — 2:46
  12. "Steeds of Thunder" — 3:28
  13. "Rogue’s Hollow" — 1:15
  14. "Warrior’s Dawn" — 4:13
  15. "The Siege" — 3:51
  16. "Dragon Riders" — 3:08
  17. "Flame Tongue" — :57
  18. "Defenders of the Realm" — 4:28
  19. "Chamber of the Immortals" — 1:39
  20. "Blood of the Dragon" — 3:11
  21. "Eternal Champions" — 4:15 *hidden track

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