Bloodstone Pass
Bloodstone Pass
Code H1
Rules Required AD&D & Battlesystem
Character Levels 15+
Campaign Setting Generic or
Forgotten Realms
Authors Douglas Niles
Michael Dobson
First Published 1985
Linked Modules
H1 H2 H3 H4

H1 Bloodstone Pass (Item Code: 9122) is a module for Advanced Dungeons & Dragons (1st Edition). This module required Battlesystem and was published in 1985. The module was written by Douglas Niles and Michael Dobson and while it contained some traditional D&D encounters, the main portion of the module was a series of Battlesystem mass battles.

The Bloodstone Pass sagaEdit

Bloodstone Pass was originally the working name of what became the first edition of Battlesystem, however it was felt that the name did not convey the feeling of the game. After Battlesystem was renamed the Bloodstone Pass name was free and it was used instead for this, the first Battlesystem game accessory.[1]

While originally intended as a stand-alone module H1 later became the first part of the four-part H series Bloodstone Pass Saga. With module H3 The Bloodstone Wars the places of the original generic setting of H1 were retconned into the Forgotten Realms campaign setting. Module FR9 Bloodstone Lands is a game accessory that describes the area of the Forgotten Realms where the Bloodstone Pass Saga occurs. In this module's version of history the events of H series modules have run their course with the pregenerated PCs.

Module contentsEdit

Unlike the traditional loose book in one or two cardboard covers this module was actually a small boxed set containing:

  • 32-page book — similar to a traditional module
  • 24-page book Roster book with Battlesystem statics for the armies, NPC's and pre-generated PC's and instructions for foldup buildings.
  • 12 3-D fold-up sheets of buildings — includes a castle, abbey and inn. Note that these are not 25mm scale but are scaled to the ground scale of Battlesystem, where one piece (miniature or counter) represents up to 10 regular troops.
  • 104 Battlesystem counters (12 zombies, 15 orcs, 29 human sword, 22 human spear, and 26 peasants).

Plot summaryEdit

The tiny village of Bloodstone Pass is menaced by an army of thousands of brigands—orcs, goblins, giants, and human renegades led by a powerful assassin. Outnumbered and helpless, the villagers must pay tribute in gold, food…slaves. Two villagers have traveled far to find aid for their people. They have turned to the players as their only hope. They cannot afford to pay more than a few silver pieces a day, but their need is great.

The action of this module uses the unusual focus of players leading the armies, rather than having the battle occur in the background while the players adventure to find a MacGuffin. To be able to succeed the players should rally allies, help local rulers determine strategy, spy out the enemy and directly confront them on the battlefield.[2]


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