Bodog Fight is a reality television series and mixed martial arts competition that originated from Costa Rica and is created and produced by entertainment mogul Calvin Ayre and his Bodog Entertainment Group. The first of the series, Bodog Fight Series I: To the Brink of War, made its debut in September 2006.

Bodog Fight Series I: To the Brink of WarEdit

Fourteen professional MMA fighters are situated in Costa Rica and fight to earn the right to represent the United States as part of Team USA. In a later pay-per-view event, the seven victors will then square off against members of the Russian Red Devils team.

Bodog Fight Series I: To the Brink of War aired on Men's Outdoor and Recreation, DISH Network, The Fight Network in Canada, and online at the Bodog Fight website September 19, 2006.


Episode 1: The Welterweights
Jorge Masvidal vs. Keith Wisniewski
Masvidal wins over Wisniewski in a controversial judges' decision. Though Keith dominated the 1st and 2nd rounds, Jorge still won out with a narrow points-victory: 87 over 84.

Episode 2: The Light Heavyweights
Mike Patt vs. Kaream Ellington
Ellington is forced to tap out after Patt applied an armbar, granting Patt a victory by submission.

Episode 3:
Tara LaRosa vs. Amanda Buckner
LaRosa submits Buckner by a rear choke in the 3rd round.

Episode 4: The Lightweights
Nick Agallar vs. Nardu Debrah]
Agallar is the winner by referee stoppage after rendering Debrah defenseless via strikes to the head near the end of the 2nd round.

Episode 5: The Middleweights #1
Nick Thompson vs. Davion Peterson
Thompson chokes out Peterson and won the fight by submission.

Episode 6: The Heavyweights
Mario Rinaldi vs. Mark Burch
Rinaldi defeats Burch via a hard-fought but unanimous judges’ decision.

Episode 7: The Middleweights #2
Chael Sonnen vs. Tim Credeur
Sonnen dominates Credeur with his ground and pound, winning a TKO victory after a referee stoppage.

Bodog Fight Series II: Clash of the NationsEdit

On February 5, 2007, ION Television announced an exclusive television alliance with Bodog Entertainment. Beginning February 13th, ION Television started to run original episodes of Bodog Fight Series II: Clash of the Nations Tuesdays and Saturdays at 11 p.m. ET/PT; this time slot, generally used for infomercials and other paid programming, has been paid for by Bodog. The series culminated with a special pay-per-view event on April 14, 2007 at the ICE Palace in St. Petersburg, Russia featuring some of the biggest names in the world of mixed martial arts.


Julie Kedzie vs. Julia Berezikova
Kedzie defeats Berezikova by TKO due to strikes at 2:49 in the second round.

Ray Steinbass vs. Dmitri Samoylov
Steinbass defeats Samoilov by choke at 3:00 in the first round.

Erik Oganov vs. Derrick Noble
Oganov defeats Noble by TKO due to strikes at 2:55 in the second round.

Amar Suloev vs. Andy Foster
Suloev defeats Foster by KO due to punching at 0:26 in the first round.

Josh Curran vs. Jarno Nurminen
Curran defeats Nurminen by TKO due to strikes in the third round.

Rodrigo Damm vs. Santino Defranco
Damm defeats Defranco by choke at 1:58 in the second round.

Bill Mahood vs. Steve Steinbeiss
Mahood defeats Steinbass by unanimous decision after three rounds.

Roman Zentsov vs. Kristof Midoux
Zensov defeats Midoux by TKO due to corner stoppage at the end of the first round.

Amanda Buckner vs. Hitomi Akano
Buckner defeats Akano by unanimous decision after three rounds.

Jorge Santiago vs. Andrei Semenov
Santiago defeats Semenov by TKO due to strikes at 4:48 in the second round.

Aleksander Emelianenko vs. Eric Pele
Emelianenko defeats Pele by KO due to punches at 4:07 in the first round.

Nick Thompson vs. Eddie Alvarez
Thompson defeats Alvarez by TKO due to strikes at 4:32 in the second round.

Fedor Emelianenko vs. Matt Lindland
Emelianenko defeats Lindland by armbar at 2:58 in the first round.

Bodog Fight Series III: Costa Rica CombatEdit

In Bodog Fight Series III: Costa Rica Combat Bodog Founder Calvin Ayre is joined by mixed martial arts celebrities Royce Gracie, Josh Barnett, Phil Baroni and Denis Kang in Costa Rica for the reality TV show’s third season. Veteran play-by-play man and World Boxing Hall of Fame inductee "The Colonel" Bob Sheridan calls the fights alongside MMA Broadcaster Paul Lazenby and Bodog Fight Commissioner Jeff Osborne. Former Canadian Super Heavyweight Boxing champion and Battlestar Galactica star Aleks Paunovic conducts ringside interviews.

Bodog Fight Series III: Costa Rica Combat is broadcast on ION Television and The Fight Network in Canada and all episodes will be available worldwide through video streaming on the Bodog Fight website starting April 17, 2007.

Full Fight CardEdit

Mario Rinaldi (USA) vs. Roy Nelson (USA) Mark Burch (USA) vs. Yoshiki Takahashi (Japan) Kellan Flukinger (USA) vs. Miodrag Petkovich (Serbia) Dan Evensen (USA) vs. Jeremiah Constant (USA) Daniel Puder (USA) vs. Michael Alden (USA)

Light Heavyweights
Mike Patt (USA) vs. Todd Gouwenberg (Canada) Francis Carmont (France) vs. Jeff Ford (USA) Antony Rea (France) vs. David Avellan (USA) Moise Rimbon (France) vs. Alex Steibling (USA)

Chael Sonnen (USA) vs. Tim McKenzie (USA) Trevor Prangley (USA) vs. Pierre Guillet (UK) Matt Ewin (UK) vs. Andrei Semenov (Russia) Grzegorz Jakubowski (Poland) vs. Andy Foster (USA) Izuru Takeuchi (Japan) vs. Kyacey Uscola (USA) Eugene Jackson (USA) vs. Diego Visotzky (Argentina)

Eddie Alvarez (USA) vs. Scott Henze (USA) Nick Thompson (USA) vs. Dustin Denes (USA) Stephen Haigh (USA) vs. Takuya Wada (Japan) Jose "Pele" Landi (Brazil) vs. Phil Norman (UK) Piotr Jakacynzki (Sweden) vs. Steve Berger (USA) Zach Light (USA) vs. Jake Ellenberger (USA) Jake Shields (USA) vs. Ray Steinbeiss (USA)

Brad Pickett (UK) vs. JR Sims (USA) Nick Agallar (USA) vs. Ryan Bow (Japan/USA) Rafael Diaz (USA/Brazil) vs. [Sami Aziz][1] (Sweden) Tyler Jackson (Canada) vs. Kyle Watson (USA) David Love (USA) vs. Atsuhiro Tsuboi (Japan)

135 Ladies
Tara LaRosa (USA) vs. Shanya Bazler (USA) Tama-Chan (Japan) vs. Jan Finney (USA)

125 Ladies
Rosie Sexton (UK) vs. Windy Tomomi (Japan) Carina Damm (Brazil) vs. Molly Helsel (USA)

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