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Developer(s) Sean Cooper Games

Boxhead is a series of single player games developed by Sean T. Cooper where the objective is to shoot and kill zombies.


There are 5 games in the boxhead series.

  • Boxhead: A Halloween Special
  • Boxhead: The Rooms
  • Boxhead: More Rooms
  • Boxhead: 2Play Rooms
  • Boxhead: The Zombie Wars
  • Boxhead: Bounty Hunter


Boxhead has various tools and weapons available for use in the games, which may be obtained by killing multiple enemies and picking up boxes.

  • Pistol: default weapon.
  • Shotgun: Fires bursts of bullets at high power. When fully updgraded, among best weapons in game.
  • Uzi: Fires many bullets at high speed, good for keeping demons in control.
  • Oil Barrel: explodes when shot.
  • Railgun: Shoots bullets at light speed.
  • Rocket Launcher: Fires rockets which explode on impact. Don't fire one to close to a teammate!
  • Grenades:Thrown weapons that explode after a set period of time. In my proffesional opinion, clustered grenades are among the best weapons in cooperative play, matched only by the shotgun.
  • Fake Walls: Set down these walls like barracades. Don't let your opponents destoy them!

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