Brenda Holloway was a fictional character on the TVNZ soap opera Shortland Street.

She was a nurse at Shortland Street Hospital. She was Nursing Manager, but was stood down after she was found drunk on duty and she resumed her role of Nursing Educator. Her drunkeness was due to her needing comfort after her estranged husband Gary died and being snubbed by their son Lachlan. She was then stood down again for insulting Scotty and Shanti while drunk and inferring that Scotty was the murderer. Chris was going to fire her but Shanti stopped him. She was suspicious about the number of patients suffering from unexplained cardiac arrests. However, this suspicion landed her in hot water with Scotty, Gavin Capper, Justine Jones, Chris Warner, Joey Henderson and Dr. Durville.

Brenda became the fifth victim of the Ferndale Strangler when she was injected with a lethal dose of suxamethonium in a hospital ward, while colleagues were celebrating Halloween at the IV. Her body was later discovered by her friend Shanti Kumari in the ward where she was mudered. A letter from her son Lachlan arrived the day after her death.

Many people struggled with her death. It also terrified all the others as the murder had happened in an hospital ward.

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