Bridget Napier
Portrayed by Eloise Mignon
Duration 2007-2009
First appearance 23 July 2007
Episode 5261
Last appearance 21 July 2009
Episode 5737
Nickname(s) Didge
Gender Female
Occupation Year 12 Student/Gym Assistant
Residence 26 Ramsay Street

Bridget "Didge" Napier (née Parker) is a fictional character in the Australian soap opera Neighbours. The character, played by Eloise Mignon, debuted on 23 July 2007. Despite being cast as a 16 year old, Mignon was, in reality, 20 years old at the time. Bridget will be seen for the last time in Neighbours on 21 July in scenes that are described as 'tragic and highly emotional'. Eloise's reason for leaving was so she can go to university after she had previously deferred a course twice.

Bridget and her older brother Riley (Sweeney Young) are the adopted children of Steve (Steve Bastoni) and Miranda Parker (Nikki Coghill). Bridget is keen on animals and assists Steve in his vet practice. Bridget is married to Declan Napier and has one child India Napier.

Storylines Edit


Car accident Edit

While driving Declan Napier's car, Susan Kinski (Jackie Woodburne) briefly became unconscious as a result of what was later discovered to be multiple sclerosis. At the same time Bridget, fleeing from an argument with Declan himself, accidentally fell directly in front of the car. Susan regained consciousness but was unaware of the accident as a sign on the rear window obstructed her view of Bridget. She continued driving leaving Bridget on the road. Mickey Gannon, who had witnessed the earlier argument, also witnessed Declan's car being driven away from Bridget. Bridget was sent to hospital to be operated on, much to the distress of her family and friends. Mickey later told the police what he'd seen, naming Declan as a suspect. Susan then realised what had really happened and turned herself in to the police.

After the accident, Bridget was in a coma. When she woke up, her family were told she might be paralysed down her left side. She slowly regained mobility and walked for some time with the aid of a walker. Bridget has been able to gain full mobility of her body and get her life back on track. Initially unable to remember events up to and including the accident, Susan Kinski was snubbed by Bridget's family, who labelled the accident as a hit and run, and was put through a lengthy court case. As it became clear a jail sentence was unavoidable for Susan, Bridget remembered the accident and exonerated Susan from being directly responsible for it.

Declan Napier Edit

Initially Bridget's main love interest was Declan Napier, however failed attempts at a relationship have been a main story arc for some time. After an incident in which the pair were caught by the police for illegal drag racing, Bridget was forbidden from seeing Declan which caused the argument which lead to Bridget's accident.

Declan saved Bridget from drowning after she accidentally fell into the No. 30 pool while Rachel was gone to find snacks. They were about to kiss, but Bridget pulled away because she felt humiliated by her weakness.

Bridget then met Josh Taylor (Liam Hemsworth) at the local swimming pool, during her rehabilitation class. She was at first surprised to discover that he was disabled too. Bridget and Declan then restored their friendship, but after their first date, Bridget gets the impression that Declan can't handle her disability. Bridget becomes really distressed at this and started a relationship with Josh. After getting to know each other, Bridget and Josh went out on a date and Josh gave Bridget her first kiss. Declan saw her with Josh and became jealous. On another occasion he witnesses Bridget kissing Josh. He then tries to win her back by making her a "Declan's Sorry Songs" CD, which Bridget throws in the bin. However, Declan didn't give up, and in determination he kissed Bridget for the first time. He then told Bridget to "drop" Josh.

When Bridget, Josh, Declan and several more of their friends went to an illegal dance party, the roof collapsed on them. Declan carried Josh out, but when he returned to save Bridget the roof collapsed again, trapping both Declan and Bridget in the warehouse where the party was held. Trapped together, Declan admits he's accepted Bridget's disability, but she wanted to remain loyal to Josh. Thinking they were going to die, they almost kiss but then the rescue services arrive.

After her friend Rachel Kinski (Caitlin Stasey) has a relationship with teacher Angus Henderson (Jonathan Wood), Bridget covers for her and tells everyone it was her that had a crush on him. Declan then discovered the truth and revealed the fact to the whole school. Angus was threatened to sever all communications with Rachel who, in response to this, ran away from home. Bridget, determined to find Rachel, began to block Josh out and gave more attention to Declan. Josh eventually broke up with Bridget and told her he knows she has a crush on Declan and that Declan and Bridget should patch things up.

The pair were encouraged to start dating again. Bridget's father made things worse when he sent her a Valentines card, making Bridget believe it was from Declan.

Ringo Brown Edit

After Bridget was able to move on from |Declan she took an interest in Ringo Brown. They first showed interest in each other at the school camp when Ringo proposed the idea that they date she replied she was not ready for a relationship but it had nothing to do with him personally.

The teens then formed a garage band which prompted the pair to connect. When Ringo demonstrated to Bridget how to play the guitar their friendship intensified as they bonded over the music. Shortly after, their budding romance was put under strain when Ringo's eating disorder returned. Bridget's concern was heightened when she noticed Ringo was over exercising and under eating. Bridget confronted over this but was unable to learn the truth. As Bridget's concern grew for Ringo she told him that she has romantic feelings for him but he coldly rebuffed her as he was not coping with his eating disorder. When Ringo was missing she helped with the rescue efforts as she was concerned for his health. She found Ringo passed out on the beach after nearly drowning. After Ringo recovered Erinsborough threw him a 18th birthday party. At the party he and Bridget became a couple.

They happily dated for a fortnight but when the school formal started approaching Bridget felt alone, as all her friends were in serious relationships. When Bridget's aunt Nicola arrived in town she encouraged Bridget to have casual sex with Ringo. On a whim Bridget showed up at Lassiters hotel where Ringo was organising an after party for the formal, and propositioned herself. Ringo was shocked by this turn of events and rejected her advances, they immediately broke up.

Chris Knight Edit

After her break-up with Ringo, Bridget bonded with Chris Knight when his dog needed medical treatment. Chris then went to the school formal as Bridget's date but the evening turned feral when he sexually assaulted Bridget. In an effort to escape Bridget pushed him away but his head was injured by a brick wall. His body was found the next morning in Lassiter's park. When Bridget was implicated in his assault, Steve took the blame in an attempt to protect Bridget. Chris subsequently died and Steve found himself being charged for murder. At Steve's second trial Bridget finally admitted what she had done but they sentenced Steve to five years jail for impeding justice. Afterwards Bridget spoke to the detective and had an interview with him and explained everything, he then went and spoke to Steve who admitted to lying about it and Taylah Jordan was able to provide evidence about Chris's nasty side this resulted in Bridget being absolved. However throughout the ordeal she grew close to Declan who acted as a pillar of support.

Reunion with Declan Edit

After Bridget was absolved of the Chris Knight manslaughter case she reunited with Declan. After a while, the teens decided to organise a kissing booth that Lou helped them out with. In this occasion, Bridget bought all of Declan's tickets and allowed him to believe that it was Rebecca. On the day, Declan checked out every girl that walked into Charlies. Then Bridget started to get uncomfortable and tells Declan that she bought the tickets, explaining that she knew he would not beat Ty. Bridget and Declan then made their relationship official.

Declan one day says to Bridget at the General Store that he loves her. She made him say it again as a joke. Then he stood up in front of everyone announcing it in a loud voice, "I love you Bridget Parker," then the pair happily kissed in front of everyone. Their relationship then intensified to the point where Rebecca told Bridget to not be in such a hurry to grow up.

In August 2008, Bridget and Declan have a falling out after Declan told Josh that he (Declan) and Bridget slept together, which is untrue. Hearing of the story, Bridget finds out and is furious, while Declan is doing all he can to get her to talk to him. Also, Declan and Josh have a basketball face off, which made Bridget even more angry. Declan and Bridget made up a few days later, however, after Declan had held up a series of signs in the General Store, because Bridget told him not to speak to her, one of them reading: 'I am an idiot'.

For a short period of time, Bridget leaves Ramsay Street to visit her brother Riley in Sydney. Declan misses Bridget a lot during this time, and is for this reason dismayed to hear that Bridget does not wish to meet him at the airport upon her arrival home. Declan is convinced that Bridget is about to end their relationship — until the pair finally receive a chance to communicate properly: Bridget had been avoiding Declan because she had been having a serious think about where she wanted their relationship to head, i.e. to 'the next level'. After this talk the two do exactly that — take their relationship to the next level — but are caught out by Mickey. Declan and Bridget swear Mickey to secrecy, but the ten-year-old says he'll be quiet on the condition of extortion. Declan and Bridget are shocked that someone as young as Mickey would consider blackmail. However, Mickey stops the blackmail a few days later and they resolve everything.

Pregnancy Edit

In late October 2008, Bridget discovered that she was pregnant with boyfriend Declan's child. At the time Declan was training for an AFL team and feeling scared and alone she turned to his mum, Rebecca, for help. When she eventually told Declan, he reacted badly to the news.

While Bridget was working in the hospital she collapsed, and later collapsed again at home, finally revealing all to her parents. They reel from her news but support her and rally round as best they can and Miranda, Bridget's mum has practically taken over, since she has never had a child herself. Declan decided to leave, leaving Bridget scared she would have to cope with her pregnancy all alone. However, Ringo and Zeke went after Declan and persuaded him to return and support Bridget and try to be a dad.

Unfortunately, it soon became apparent that Miranda was viewing Bridget's pregnancy as an opportunity to live vicariously through her daughter and have the baby that she always wanted. Steve stepped in before the conflict escalated too far however, and reminded Miranda that it's Bridget's decision, as it is her baby. After a tough week of trying to come to terms with her pregnancy, Bridget finally decided to return to school. After a difficult morning Bridget finally snapped, pushing bully Justin Hunter, and revealed her pregnancy to most of the school, and to Principal Andrew Simpson, who expelled her, supposedly due to the incident with Justin. However, Bridget believed that it was due to her pregnancy, and fought back.

Declan and Bridget also decided that they wanted to move in with each other. Miranda was apprehensive regarding this decision, until she discovered that they had been planning to move in with her. Once they moved in, Bridget and Declan decided that they wanted a double bed and all the teens decided to help out. When Steve came back he saw the double bed ready to be built and built it himself. Bridget came back and saw what her dad had done and kissed him on the cheek and said thank you.

Bridget initially wanted to give the baby up for adoption, even though Declan wanted to keep it. When she saw Libby get excited over the fact she would be having a little girl she still wanted to go ahead with the adoption. However, due to a complication Libby lost the baby girl and this made Bridget realise she wanted to keep the baby. She and Declan decided that they want to raise the child themselves.

Rafting accident Edit

A few days after they moved in, Declan, Bridget and the rest of the teens went on a school rafting trip. Steve and Miranda didn't want Bridget to go on the trip due to her being pregnant, however Declan reassured them that he would look after her, but when they got to the site of the rafting trip Bridget decided to go on the other team, with Zeke, Justin, Kyle and Libby. When the race began, team B had cheated by putting a bucket of water on the end of their raft to slow them down. When Donna saw what they had done they quickly started to catch them up but by then it was too late. Team B decided to turn the raft the other way once team A caught up with them. This resulted in the raft turning over and everyone including Bridget, Zeke, and Libby all being underwater. Team A rowed to shore. Zeke, Bridget and Libby are all missing. Declan finds Bridget and she's fine except she swallowed a lot of water. Doctors did tests to see if the water she swallowed affected the baby.

Bridget's Birth Mother Edit

Towards the end of 2008, Bridget wanted to look for her birth mother whilst not knowing anything about her. In 2009, Veronica Olenski asked Miranda questions about when she was pregnant with Bridget. When she found out that Bridget was adopted, Veronica told Bridget that it would be good if she searched for her birth mother. Miranda signed the adoption papers and they replied, saying that her birth mother rejected her. Later on, Steve found out that Miranda paid Bridget's birth mother to stay away from Bridget and Riley. Rebecca gave Bridget a phone number for a private investigator and she & Declan called them. They replied straight away with Joanna Hale, Bridget's birth mother. They later on paid another fee for her number. Bridget didn't know what to do and ended up giving it to Steve. Later on, Joanna Hale comes to Erinsborough & meets Bridget for the first time for a talk. Then she discovers that Miranda has been paying her to stay away from her and decides never to speak to her again. Bridget decides to adopt out her own baby, after hearing Joanna`s story, despite Miranda`s offer to raise the baby herself. The offer angers Bridget, who resents and hates her. However, when Miranda is arrested under the Mental Health Act, Bridget apologises and the pair reconcile.

Marriage Edit

Whilst on a mission to find Paul Robinson before he left the country, Declan's car broke down. Declan and Bridget tried to find a phone to call for help, as it began to rain they found shelter in a church. They called Zeke and Ringo to come help them start their car. They started talking to the organ player about marriage. Bridget realised that she wanted to marry Declan after all and she proposed to him. When Zeke, Ringo, Donna and Sunny arrived, after being called by Declan to help with the car, they told them of their plan and they all helped out with the arrangements. Donna became Bridget's unofficial wedding planner and helped find her a dress and her bouquet. Bridget and Declan married and were celebrating outside the church when their parents arrived.

Baby Daughter Edit

On June 23rd 2009 Bridget gave birth to a daughter at the Winter Cool music festival. Bridget went in to labour while Declan was helping Lucas rescue Zeke. However, Declan made it back to the tent just in time to see his daughter being born. The baby was born with the cord wrapped around her neck and was rushed to the hospital with breathing difficulties. Bridget arrived shortly after her daughter, but wasn't allowed to see her. Eventually their daughter was given the all clear and Bridget finally got to hold her.

India Edit

When Bridget and Declan arrive home from the hospital after giving birth to their baby daughter, they struggle to decide a name that suits her. After long hours of discussing with Donna and the parents, including games and random suggestions, they finally decide to settle with the name, India. This name came about when Bridget was trying to settle India to sleep by telling her a story of all the places they will visit as a family.

Arrest Edit

Bridge gets arrested after the protest at the hospital because she accidentally pushed an officer out of the way to see India and puts her daughter's life in danger.

Family Tree Edit

Adoptive Family Edit

Maternal Line Edit

Biological Line Edit

  • Joanna Hale (Biological Mother) had a relationship with Unknown (Biological Father,deceased)

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