Burning Soldier is a Rail-on 3-D Flight Combat game released in the 1990's to 3do by game developers Genki and Pack-In-Video. The game involves a space soldier, stationed near Pluto, scrambled to defend the Earth against an alien race known as the Kaisertians. While in the game, there are 3 continue points during your mission. At the beginning, an opening cutscene shows the main storyline, which is both excellent and well-written. Below, there are some details on the game's storyline and objectives--


the year is 2095, suddenly UFO's attack Mars. The Kaisertians... Mars, is crushed. The Kaisertians invade Earth after destroying it's defenses. Earth falls, and the Dark Times arrive. A spy drone from the Kaiser army picks up that an Earthling Base is located on the surface of Mars, and signals the crew aboard the Kaiser's powerful gunship, Indra, to open fire on the surface of Mars. Soon, after a stealth attack on the moon, the Kaisertians follow a trajectory towards Earth. You, a soldier of a 5 ship strike team, must defend the Earth from total destruction, and prevent the conquest of the Universe from the Kaisertians...

Mission 1- The asteroid belt

After being alerted of the Kaisertian's presence, you launch towards the Kaiser defense outpost stationed near a large asteroid near the edge of the belt. You reach the dark side of mars, and swoop around, and reach the asteroid...

Mission 2- Asteroid assault

After destroying a first-scale attack wave of Kaisertian drones, you reach the Large asteroid, where a squad of bombers and fighters attack you from all directions, and your team must regroup enroute to Earth, leaving you a lone fighter. You must launch a stealthy attack against Indra, and free the Earth from Indra's control.

Mission 3-Dark Canyons...

You fly your way through waves of fighters, and take cover in the Dark Canyons of the large, through the cover of darkness, fly your way to the defense outpost, where Indra is located...

Mission 4-The defense outpost

Dwindling low on weaponry, you find your way to the outpost, stationed near the asteroid. there are many bombers and fighters, so you fly low and hit hard. some of the vessels are heavily armored, they are too powerful for your weapons. You dodge bullets, and make your way to the center of the outpost, where Indra is located.

Mission 5-Indra Apocalypse

Traveling your way through fighters and other obstacles, you meet Indra, the large attack ship that is powering up it's main weapon. You have very little time, for in minutes, Indra shall destroy the Earth! You make your way to the reactor, where you can destroy the vulnerable weapon, and avenge your fallen comrades, before heading back to Earth.

Cutscene 2-Shocking News

After destroying Indra, you intercept a transmission to the outpost, from Earth! It appears that Indra was not the only source of the Kaisertian fleet,and your squad takes defensive action, and traces the point of the message. After learning the location of the Kaisertian's Headquarters, you make a last-ditch assault on the Kaiser fleet, and must now destroy the remaining forces of the Kaisertians...under the islands of Tokyo,Japan...

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