Butch is a Tom and Jerry character - a black and white alley cat - who first appeared in the 1943 short, Baby Puss alongside Topsy and the already-established Meathead. Butch is the leader of the alley cat bullies who usually help Tom catch Jerry. In his first appearance, however, Butch was an antagonist, tormenting Tom after Tom's young girl owner treated him like a baby—to the point of dressing Tom up in a diaper, a bonnet, and pink paw mittens. Thus costumed, Tom couldn't help but be a figure of fun—both for Butch and his gang, and for Jerry.

Another notable role for Butch came the short Springtime for Thomas (1946). Here he was addressed as "Dream Boy" (after Jerry's fake letter from Toodles in the cartoon), and he acted as Tom's rival for Toodles' affection.

In other cartoons, Butch was not only Tom's rival in love, but also a sporting opponent, as in Tennis Chumps, or another cat competing with Tom to stay in the house, as in A Mouse in the House and Baby Butch. However, Butch continued to appeared in some cartoons as one of Tom's pals or chums; for example Saturday Evening Puss, Smarty Cat, and Sleepy-Time Tom, where Butch is leader of Tom's buddies.

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  • Butch, Spike the bulldog and Toodles are similar to characters previously appearing in the 1941 Hugh Harman short The Alley Cat.
  • Butch's appearance in the movie, Tom and Jerry: The Magic Ring is very similar to that of Meathead, Tom's orange cat friend who also had a band-aid wrapped around his tail. Color differences aside, Meathead and Butch looked identical here.
  • From the Tom and Jerry Movie, Tom and Jerry: The Magic Ring and forward, Butch has a band-aid wrapped around his tail, and his voice parodies Bobcat Goldthwait. However, in the second season of Tom and Jerry: Tales Butch has a gruffer, generic "Brooklyn tough" accent.

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