Buzz and Harvey was the name of a radio show featured on WLSZ-105.3 FM, in Humboldt TN and WLSQ-94.3 FM in Dyer, TN from April 1, 1998 until Buzz left the show on August 29, 2003. The show was very popular, bringing a unique sensibility to rural West-Tennessee radio. The hosts were featured on chili cans produced by Kelly Foods, based in Jackson. The boutique chili brand was "Buzz & Harvey's Flamethrower Hot Chili". The chili was sold in local stores and regional Krogers for about a year. Also appearing as co-hosts at different times on the show were "Opie" McCoy and Jeri Hawks, who won an on-air contest in a search for a female co-host, and won 'Best Radio Personality' her first year on-air. Harvey rose fast through the corporate ranks, and finished as Operations Manager of WOGY/WYNU/WLLI/WLLI/WTJS/WLSZ, before leaving in April 2009 to open an Advertising & Public Relations firm. Visit his site here: Buzz and his family were featured on the ABC Television show "WifeSwap" on the 11/21/05 episode. On, March 26, 2007, "The Morning Buzz" debuted on Rock 92.3, (WYNU-FM, Jackson, TN) featuring Buzz as solo morning show host.

Buzz's MySpace Page Rock 92.3 site Froggy 104.1 site [1]

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