The C-Bill (short for ComStar Bill) is the standard form of currency used in the fictional universe of BattleTech. C-Bills make up about 10% of all currency in the Inner Sphere.

C-Bills are issued by ComStar, an Earth-based organization that maintains the Inner Sphere's interstellar communications network. Though most business in BattleTech is conducted in the currency of individual states, ComStar's neutrality made its currency the primary medium of exchange for transactions conducted across national boundaries. A single C-Bill has about the same value as three US dollars of the late 1990s.

H-Bill is the term applied to any currency issued by the five Great Houses, each of which issue their own. While the value of H-Bills is largely dependent on the strength of their nations' economies, H-Bills are backed by crucial resources such as water and precious metals and constitute about 90% of all currency.

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