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Forgotten Realms Country
Capital Calimport
Government Autocracy
Ruler Ralan el Pesarkhal
Population 5,300,000 (est.)
Races Humans, half-orcs, halflings, half-elves

Calimshan is a fictional realm in the Forgotten Realms, a fantasy setting, modeled after al-Andalus (Arabian Spain).

Successor of Coramshan, Calimshan's capital is the sprawling port-city of Calimport, home of the assassin Artemis Entreri, known for his longstanding feud with Drizzt Do'Urden in a number of novels by R.A. Salvatore. Other major cities includes Memnon and the coastal city of Schamedar[attribution needed].

Calimshan covers the southern corner of Faerûn, including the Calim Desert and the Spider Swamp.

Economy Edit

This is a powerful empire; trading rivals with Waterdeep; ruled by emperor; has many powerful and wealthy "nobles" called pashas[attribution needed].

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