"Calling Sun Man (Again)" is a short Moon Man skit that appears as a hidden track on The Lunatic. In it, he calls Sun Man and harasses and threatens him.

Lyrics Edit

[Sunman] Moonman, what are you doing?

Calling a stupid nigger.

[Sunman] It's 4 o'clock in the morning. Why in the fuck are you calling me?

Because you're about to lose control of your life.

[Sunman] Is that a death threat?

You don't even get it.

[Sunman] Oh, no I get it. You're a meme-spouting faggot, and I hope you die in a fire and get turned blacker than me, you secret nigger wannabe.

Lolol, I just made it Mac Tonight motherfucker. You ain't getting no sleep no more unless it's an eternal sleep.

[Sunman] Fuck off.

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