Camel Fukkker is Moon Man's album dedicated to arabs, released in 2016.

Background Edit

After Moon Man and his crew traveled to germany, it was clear, that there should be an album decicated to arabs. The immigrants in europe are a real race problem. Moon Man and his crew killed as much as they can while they were visiting Nazifriends in Germany. Moon Man also recorded this album while he was in Germany. The album is produced by the German Producer PE Productions.

The Album was released on March 1st 2016.

Tracklisting Edit

'Track'# Track Name Performer(s)
1 Sand N*ggers M.O.O.N Moon Man, Arab,

Supergroups Leader

2 Aryan Are You There? Moon Man, Audrina Patridge, Supergroups Leader
3 Allahu Akbar Moon Man, three sandniggers (one played by Meteor Man)
4 Goats And Arabs Moon Man, Arab
5 Camel Fukkker Moon Man
6 Bottom Drawer Indians Moon Man
7 Paris 2016 Terrorattack Moon Man, Arab
8 Dune Coons Moon Man, Supergroups Leader
9 Crank Dat (Arab Version) Moon Man, Audrina Patridge
10 Supergroups Leader Supergroups Leader
11 We Dem Aryans Moon Man
12 Moon City Moon Man

Download Edit

Camel Fukkker

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