In the fictional setting of the BattleTech universe, the Capellan March is an administrative subdivision of the Federated Suns. Originally one of five Marches, the Capellan March grew with the disbandment of the Terran March. Also, the Sarna March was disbanded following Operation Guerrero and the subsequent Lyran secession from the Federated Commonwealth. Though most of the Sarna March was either gobbled up by the Capellan Confederation or became part of the Chaos March, the Achernar PDZ remained in Federated Suns' hands and was added to the Capellan March.

The Capellan March has traditionally been the landhold of the Hasek family, whose leader also holds the title of Duke of New Syrtis, the capital world of the Capellan March. The Duke or Duchess of New Syrtis also holds hereditary title to the dual position of director of the Capellan March command (which carries the rank of Field Marshal) and Minister of the Capellan March. This effectively concentrates civilian and military authority for the border march in the hands of one individual, who can then use all the resources at his or her disposal to deal with any military threats. The people of the March have traditionally nutured a deep hatred of the neighboring Capellan Confederation. Due to the proximity of the Capellan March to the Capellan Confederation, the vast majority of the winners of the Limp Sword decoration are based out of the Capellan March.

For military purposes, the march is divided into two Operations Areas or Combat Theaters, Edgeward and Coreward. Despite the fact that New Syrtis is located in the Edgeward Combat Theater, command is headquarted on Taygeta (giving it the alternate name of the Taygeta OA). The Coreward Combat Theater's HQ has traditionally been on Kathil, however Duke George Hasek moved it to Novaya Zemlya during the FedCom Civil War and seems content to leave it there (but it is still known as the Kathil OA). From there, the Theaters are broken down into over a dozen Polymorphous Defense Zones (PDZs).

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