Trade Wars Ship
Basic hold cost: 27,000
Main drive cost: 1,000
Computer cost: 11,050
Ship hull cost: 12,900
Ship base cost: 51,950
Maximum figs per attack: 125
Maximum holds: 125
Initial holds: 50
Maximum fighters: 400
Turns per warp: 4
Mine maximum: 1
Genesis maximum: 2
TransWarp drive: No
Transport range: 5
Maximum shields: 1,000
Offensive odds: 0.8:1
Defensive odds: 0.8:1
Beacon maximum: 20
Long-range scanner: Yes
Planet scanner: Yes
Photon missiles: No

The CargoTran is a cargo-carrying ship in the fictional TradeWars 2002 universe.

It is similar to a Merchant Freighter, having the same combat odds (0.8) and similar long range scanning, planet scanning, and teleportation capabilities. Its main advantage over the Merchant Freighter is that it can carry 25% more fighters and twice as many shields. However, it is twice as slow, while carrying only 92% more holds.

The Cargotran represents a middle ground between slow, vulnerable barges such as the Colonial Transport and Taurean Mule and nimble fighting vessels such as the Scout Marauder that suffer from small cargo capacities, a small number of shields, and other important deficiencies. It is mainly used in high-turns games by players who have built up enough capital to afford a moderate amount of holds, shields, and fighters.


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