Carmen Ghia is a fictional character from the 1968 Mel Brooks comedy The Producers played by Andreas Voutsinas, its 2001 Broadway show The Producers by Roger Bart, and the 2005 musical film The Producers also by Roger Bart. The name evokes the Volkswagen automobile, the Karmann Ghia.


Actress "Anne Bancroft recommended Andréas Vout-sinas, a fellow performer at the Actors Studio, for the role of the waspish Carmen Ghia..."[1]

Bart said of his role: ""As Carmen Ghia I was a sprinter. This guy is like a long-distance runner. I sometimes think to myself, 'Should I have stayed Carmen?'"[2]


Template:Weasel Carmen Ghia is Roger De Bris' "common-law assistant".[3] They are both gay and they love to flounce around their Upper East Side town house.


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