Carryl Varley is an ex British quiz TV presenter who worked on the Saturday morning children's show Scratchy & Co.(1997), as a presenter on Challenge(1998), Quiz TV(2006), and The Great Big British Quiz(2007) and was one of the faces of the band Jinny in the mid-90s. She was also linked to 90s club DJ Tom Woods from the northwest of England,they were rumoured to be dating having met during the bands tour of clubs.The romance lasted about a year before Carryl ended it due to Tom been seen out with Kelly Overett from Cappella.

Music careerEdit

Varley was one of the faces of Jinny in the mid 90s[citation needed]. Jinny had two charting singles in the UK, "Keep Warm" (1991, re-released 1995) and "Wanna Be With U" (1995) which reached No.11 and No.30 in the UK singles chart respectively. Carryl also made a TV appearance for Jinny on Top of the Pops on 13 July 1995[citation needed]. The single Keep Warm was included on the compilation Now 31. According to several internet sites Varley did not actually sing on any of the Jinny records[1][2].

Varley also appeared in a video for the group Black Duck where she "sings" but the voice is different from the vocals used for Jinny[citation needed].

Jinny ConfusionEdit

It is unclear just who is the singer behind Jinny with speculation it was Sandra Chambers or Giovanna Bersola of Corona[3]. The single Keep Warm features mainly male vocals, the rest of the track being samples from the 1987 track Keep It Warm by Voices In The Dark, making it unlikely Varley is the singer.

Keep Warm version was originally released in 1991 with Janine Brown as the face, who appeared on covers and PR photos[citation needed]. Then the single was re-released (unchanged) in 1995, with Varley featuring on the new CD covers and making TV appearances[citation needed]. Jinny also released tracks in other countries with different performers.

The members of Jinny according to discogs website are Alessandro Gilardi, Claudio Varola, Federico Di Bonaventura & Walter Cremonini.[4]


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