The Catapult is a BattleMech in the BattleTech universe. The Catapult is a 65-ton, 10 meter tall, Inner Sphere BattleMech equipped mostly for long-range combat. It appeared in MechWarrior 4: Vengeance and persisted through its official sequels, Black Knight and Mercenaries.

The original Catapult came with a large laser, a small pulse laser, and two Inner Sphere LRM20s. Its high speed for a heavy 'Mech, jump jet ability, and electronic countermeasures make the Catapult a very efficient fire-support Mech. It is also a reasonably modifiable 'Mech, possessing a number of available slots, mostly geared towards Missiles and Beam weapons.

The Catapult is a second line fire-support Mech used primarily by the Cappellan Confederation military. Its design lacks the manipulative arms needed for effective close combat, so it requires front-line support to protect it. However this heavy Mech can muster impressive firepower. Often refitted with Arrow IV missiles, the catapult is excellent for a long-range support role.

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