Catch 5 was a popular news music package and image campaign developed for Cleveland, Ohio for television station WEWS-TV in 1973. Written and composed by jingle-writer Frank Gari, the package was subsequently used on other American TV stations. The package is no longer used on any station as a promotional package (WEWS dropped it in 1986). It is notable as one of Frank's Gari's very first TV news theme and promo packages for syndicated use around the world.


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During the early 1970s, executives at WEWS-TV began to formulate the idea of promoting their newscasts with a jingle. Similar to products like colas and burger joints of the day. As such, in 1973, Gari just happened to approach WEWS-TV with an idea. He was a singer during the 1950s and '60s and a composer of numerous jingles. He had asked if he could write a promotional campaign for the station. To complement the jingle, Gari also agreed to update a related news musical theme that was already in use, and written by Dick Wooley in 1968. WEWS and Gari had Wooley play his the musical moog signature logo on the Catch 5 news theme.

WEWS sent locally shot still photos to a California animation company that produced and completed the "Catch 5" video campaign.

Later that year, Catch 5 debuted on the station with huge success. Catch 5 caught on in Cleveland, and WEWS became the market's number-one news station with Eyewitness News, anchored by John Hambrick, Dave Patterson, Don Webster, Gib Shanley and Dorothy Fuldheim with commentary. As a result of Catch 5's success, other Cleveland TV stations also hired Gari to write campaign songs for them. This in turn prompted other stations across the country to request campaign songs and themes. Gari's career was launched into the television news music business universe. This ushered him into an era of the widespread use of custom news music on American local and network television which continues today. The phrase "Reach Out and Catch 5" has since been silent.


The following are lyrics to the "Catch 5" image campaign, as heard on WEWS:

It makes no difference who you are
If you've been looking near and far
To get the feel of life
You'll find the world's at hand
You've got to Catch 5
Each day's a new world to explore
You're gonna find what you're looking for
And there's a friendly face
To brighten up your day
You'll see it all when you Catch 5
The world is yours when you Catch 5
When you reach out and you Catch 5
You've caught it all

The original version consisted only of the first and last verses; plain instrumental music was played in between. The second verse was added to the song in the 1980s, along with an update of the instrumentals.

Stations that used Catch 5Edit

DMA# DMA Name Station Affiliation Years Used Other Notes
7. Boston, Massachusetts WBZ-TV CBS, formerly NBC 1983-1986
17. Cleveland, Ohio WEWS-TV ABC 1974-1986 First station to use package
23. Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania WTAE-TV American Broadcasting Company Dates unknown
25. Indianapolis, Indiana WFBM (now WRTV) American Broadcasting Company Dates unknown
30. Hartford, Connecticut WVIT-TV, formerly WHNB NBC 1983-1987
31. Kansas City, Missouri WDAF-TV Fox, formerly NBC 1974-1978
48. Memphis, Tennessee WMC-TV NBC Dates unknown
56. Little Rock, Arkansas KETS PBS 1976-present
81. Syracuse, New York WNYS-TV MyNetworkTV (formerly Independent, UPN, The WB) Dates unknown
97. Davenport (Quad Cities), Iowa WHBF-TV (Rock Island, IL) CBS Dates unknown
108. Greenville-New Bern-Washington, North Carolina WCTI-TV American Broadcasting Company Dates Unknown

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