Celestial Heavens
Celestial heavens
The front page as of July 4, 2006
Type of site Gaming Fan Site
Owner Christian Hinse
Created by Jamie Wilkinson
Current status Active

Celestial Heavens is an independent fan site dedicated to the Might and Magic series. Starting up in 1999, the site focuses on bringing news and background information to interested parties, as well as hosting files related to the game such as maps and modificiations. The site also hosts a separate forum, the Round Table.


While the Heroes of Might and Magic series is the primary focus of Celestial Heavens, the site provides information about other of titles in the Might and Magic franchise:


  • Behind the Curtain — a set of 5 articles that include tips for mapmaking and opinions on the state of the game
  • Bestiary — comprising the descriptions of the real-world counterparts of some of the Heroes of Might and Magic creatures.
  • Comics — A number of fan-made comics set in the Might and Magic universe.
  • Discourses of Might and Magic — a 3-part article discussing the controversy that arose around the fact that Heroes of Might and Magic 5 has many similarities to the third game of the series
  • Reviews — this page contains various reviews and previews of the games from the Might and Magic universe
  • The Complete Gothrak — a set of 11 comic articles with and about the Heroes of Might and Magic games, particularly the 4th one
  • Interviews — a set of interviews with a number of people involved in creating Might and Magic games
  • Map Reviews — reviews of 128 H3 and H4 maps
  • Mapmaking Tips — 9 articles on mapmaking in H3 and H4, by various authors
  • M&M History — a compilation of history extracts from the manuals of various HoMM or M&M games
  • M&M novels — a short article about the novels based on M&M
  • M&M on Windows XP — an article with tips on how to run any M&M game on Windows XP

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