Charles Moonington is a British rapper and nemesis of Moon Man who has also used the name "Moon Man". At the height of Moon Man's career as McDonalds mascot Mac Tonight, McDonalds began recruiting other mascots called "Moon Man" in other countries, beginning with Charles Moonington in the UK. Moon Man was extremely displeased with this new recruitment campaign, viewing Moonington an enemy and an imposter.

Like Moon Man, Moonington has a crescent moon for a head. However, his status as a celstial being is dubious, and he is a foe of the Triple K Mafia.

Despite the antagonism between Moon Man and himself, Moonington appeared as a guest rapper on The Killing Moon version of "Eugenics", in which he and Moon Man agree with each other. He had previously been on Moon Man's side in the song Pokkker Face, although this was only because Moon Man promised that there would be tea and crumpets there.

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