Chloe Cammeniti
Portrayed by Sarah May
Duration 2008
First appearance 21 January 2008
Episode 5371
Last appearance 3 December 2008
Episode 5598
Cause/reason Left for Portugal with Carmella
Gender Female

Chloe Cammeniti is a fictional character in the Australian soap opera Neighbours,.

Birth Edit

Chloe was born on the 21 January 2008 , the daughter of Carmella Cammeniti and Oliver Barnes. Her mother and father were fighting over her in a custody battle, but now her father Oliver has dropped the custody case. Chloe's godparents are Rosetta Cammeniti and Toadie Rebecchi.

Bushfire Edit

Chloe had been one of the victims of a bushfire, which had been deliberately lit by Jay Duncan. Almost all featured Ramsay Street residents were affected by the bushfire — including Chloe's mother (Carmella), father (Oliver), grandmother (Rebecca Napier), uncle (Declan Napier), father's girlfriend (Elle Robinson) and mother's boyfriend (Marco Silvani). Unfortunately, upon retrieving Chloe's belongings from the fire, Marco encountered several severe injuries. He was rushed to hospital immediately upon returning to suburbia, and there — in the hospital — he and Carmella married. Unfortunately, however, the injuries had become the better of him, and Marco died soon after his marriage.

Dad leaving Edit

On August 8 Chloe's father Oliver, left for New York, offering Carmella and Chloe to come with him, but Carmella declined. Carmella later decided to leave Ramsay street to join Oliver in Portugal.

Family Tree Edit

Paternal Line Edit

  • Alan Napier (great-grand-father,deceased)
    • Rebecca Napier (grand-mother), had a relationship with Richard Aaronow (grand-father,deceased) married to Paul Robinson (step-grand-father)
      • Oliver Barnes (father), in a relationship with Carmella Cammeniti (mother)
        • Chloe Cammeniti
      • Declan Napier (uncle) Married to Bridget Napier (Auntie,deceased)
        • India Napier (cousin)
        • Amy Robinson (step-aunt)
        • Elle Robinson (step-aunt)
        • Cameron Robinson (step-uncle,deceased)
        • Robert Robinson (step-uncle)
        • Andrew Robinson (step-uncle)

Maternal Line Edit

  • Rocco Cammeniti (grand-father), married to Lucia Cammeniti (grand-mother)
    • Rosie Cammeniti (aunt), married to Frazer Yeats (uncle)
      • Marco Yeats (cousin)
    • Carmella Cammeniti (mother),in a relationship with Oliver Barnes (father)was married to Marco Silvani(step-father,deceased)
    • Chloe Cammeniti
    • Maria Cammeniti (great-aunt,deceased)
    • Raimondo Cammeniti (great-uncle)
    • Teresa Cammeniti (first-cousin,once removed)
    • Bonnie Cammeniti (second-cousin,deceased,via Teresa)
    • Sienna Cammeniti (first-cousin,once removed)

Adoptive Line Edit

  • God-Parents
    • Rosie Cammeniti(god-mother as well as becoming an aunty)
    • Toadie Rebecchi (god-father)

References Edit

Template:Neighbours Marco Yeats Gender Male Date of Birth 26 September,2008 Age 2

Family Tree

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