Christopher "Christy" Phelan
Fair City
First appearance 1998

Christopher "Christy" Phelan is a fictional character in the Irish soap opera Fair City. He runs the local newsagent.

About ChristyEdit

Christy moved to Carrigstown in 1998, with his wife, and his two kids. They set up Phelans, the local shop and soon became friends with all the locals.

Christy was shocked when Renee told him that she had a daughter she put up for adoption. Renne's daughter, Heather Lyons came to Carrigstown to look for her and Christy stood by her as she got to know her daughter.

They were horrified when Heather began a relationship with their son Floyd and demanded it to stop instantly. Heather left, leaving Floyd heartbroken. Heather returned a while later, married to a doctor, Brendan Daly and Floyd left Carrigstown.

Christy was supportive of his mother when she started a relationship with Clive Dunstan and later married him.

Christy struck up a friendship with Bob Charles but was horrified when he learnt that Renee was having an affair with him. He begged her to give their marriage another go but she walked out on him. Renne went to live with Bob at the pub. To this day, Christy and Bob.

In 2008, Christy was devastated when his mother, died while in Bermuda while with his brother Hughie. She was cremated and brought back to Ireland. The locals of Carrigstown held a memorial service for her and Christy scattered her ashes into the sea. That day, Christy and Renee settled their differences.

A few weeks later, Floyd returned. Christy and Renee were horrified to learn that he was dying from Cancer. Floyd told them that he didn't want any treatment and wanted to spend his final weeks at home. However he started to get close to Heather again and they began an affair. Christy was disgusted but didn't want to say anything to him as he wanted to remain on good terms with him when he dies. A few days later the family go for a drink at McCoys and Floyd loses the feeling of his legs. Christy ended up having to carry him home. On July 6, Floyd died in the company of Brendan. Christy knew that Brendan had done something to cause his sudden passing but didn't say anything.


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