A chroniton (also spelled chronoton) is a fictional elementary particle in some works of science fiction. In some works, they have an antiparticle, the antichroniton.

Chronitons and antichronitons are used in the Star Trek franchise whenever the plot includes something about time travel. The particles can be used for many things including time travel and weapons. In Star Trek: Voyager, chronitons were heavily used throughout the many seasons for both offensive and defensive reasons.

The particle is used as technobabble in Futurama, where it has the ability to either revert someone's body to a more youthful state or progress them in age. Professor Farnsworth used chronitons to age his mutant supermen into adults in "Time Keeps on Slippin'", but the method of harvesting them threatens the stability of the entire universe with "time leaks" causing random "skips". They also appeared in the episode "Teenage Mutant Leela's Hurdles", when the Planet Express crew were accidentally exposed to chronitons causing them to regress in age.

Chronitons were also mentioned in the cartoon network show Teen Titans when the villain Slade threatened to use a chroniton detonator within the city. Supposedly, this device destroys all the chronitons in a given area, hence stopping that area's progression through time, literally stopping time forever.

In the computer game shooter Jets'n'Guns, the most powerful weapon is the Chroniton Rifle, which also inflicts damage even through terrain. The Chroniton Rifle is almost unaffected by overheating so it can be fired continuously.

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  • In quantum physics, a chronon is a proposed quantum of time.
  • Tachyons are hypothetical particles moving faster than lightspeed, so that they go back in time.

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