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This is a comprehensive index of massively multiplayer online strategy video games, sorted chronologically. Turn-based games include tick-based games that reset the number of allowed actions after a certain time period. Real-time games feature fast-paced interaction between units that occurs in real time, much as in other real-time strategy games. Information regarding date of release, developer, platform, setting and notability is provided when available. The table can be sorted by clicking on the small boxes next to the column headings.




Year Game Developer Setting Platform Notes
1980 Trade Wars Chris Sherrick Sci-fi BBS, TRS80
1986 TradeWars 2002 Gary Martin, John Pritchett Sci-fi BBS, BROW
1987 Space Empire Elite Jon Radoff Sci-fi BBS, ST
1988 Galactic Warzone Scott Baker Sci-fi BBS
c. 1990 Barren Realms Elite Mehul Patel Sci-fi BBS Started as a Solar Realms Elite clone.
c. 1990 Falcon's Eye Mehul Patel Sci-fi BBS
c. 1990 Solar Realms Elite Amit Patel Sci-fi BBS Started as a Space Empire Elite clone.
c. 1990 Space Dynasty Hollie Satterfield Sci-fi BBS Started as a Space Empire Elite clone.
c. 1990 STellar Chaos Roger M. Thomas Sci-fi BBS, ST
c. 1990 Ultimate Universe Garth Bigelow Sci-fi BBS
c. 1990 Yankee Trader Alan Davenport Sci-fi BBS
1998 Horseland Horseland LLC Fantasy BROW, FLASH
1998 UltraCorps VR-1, SJ Games Sci-fi BROW
2000 Planetarion Fifth Season AS Sci-fi BROW
2001 NukeZone Stefan Karlström Sci-fi BROW
2004 Reign Ty Kauffman, Mark Caudill, David DiBattiste Sci-fi BROW
2005 Urban Dead Kevan Davis Horror BROW
2006 KDice Ryan Dewsbury Abstract BROW, FLASH
2006 PoxNora Octopi, Inc. Fantasy BROW, JAVA
2008 Continuum, The Seven Lights Sci-fi BROW, FLASH
2009 Virtonomics Gamerflot Ltd Economy BROW

Fast-paced real-timeEdit

Year Game Developer Setting Platform Notes
1998 Mankind Vibes Online Gaming Sci-fi WIN9X, WINNT
2000 StarPeace Oceanus Communications Sci-fi WIN9X, WINNT City-building game, much like SimCity.
2001 Shattered Galaxy Kru Sci-fi WIN
2002 Fatelords Zygimantas Berziunas Sci-fi BROW Defunct.
2004 Mudcraft Brian Winn, Jason Tye Fantasy BROW, FLASH
2004 Travian Travian Games GmbH Historical BROW
2006 Ballerium Majorem Sci-fi WINNT Defunct.
2006 Navy Field SD Enternet Historical WIN
2007 Battle of Shadows N-Log Inc. Fantasy WIN Defunct.
2007 Dreamlords LockPick Entertainment Fantasy BROW, WIN
2008 Saga Wahoo Fantasy WINNT
2009 Evony: Age I Evony, LLC Historical BROW, FLASH
2010 War of Legends Jagex Fantasy Flash
TBA Evony: Age II Evony, LLC Historical BROW, FLASH
TBA Society Stardock Fantasy WIN

Slow-paced real-timeEdit

Year Game Developer Setting Platform Notes
2007 Ikariam Gameforge Historical BROW

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