The Chultan Peninsula is a fictional peninsula with a tropical climate that lies at the tip of Southwest Faerûn, in the fantasy setting of the Forgotten Realms. It is positioned east of the island kingdoms of Nimbral and Lantan, and to the west of Halruaa.

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Chult is the name of the jungle that entirely covers the Chultan Peninsula. It is inhabited by dinosaurs and was at the dawn of time one of the most powerful empires, ruled by the sarrukh. There are 440,000 people, of many different species, living in Chult. Mainly pseudo African humans, there are sizable numbers of goblins and lizardfolk, as well as wild dwarves and pterafolk.

There are many tribes living throughout the jungle, while the human settlements is governed by a theocracy from the capital of Mezro.

The Flaming Fist mercenary company has, following an expedition for Anchorome in search of wealth, set up the small fort Belurian in Chult.


Samarach is a small country in the southern part of the Chultan peninsula, with the capital of Samargol.


Tashalar is a country to the east of the Chultan peninsula, linking the peninsula with the continent, more specifically the country of Halruaa. It is a merchant oligarchy of 900,000 inhabitants, mainly humans, but with a small minority of lizardfolk and yuan-ti as well. It is governed from the capital of Tashluta.

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