"Life is merciless, only a fool would expect anything good from it"-Cielo in a conversation with Ziro the Hutt

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I was descovered by Kit Fisto on Naboo at the age of three and I was taken to the Jedi Temple. I consider Fisto one of my closest friends and I feel a large amount of gratitude toward Master Fisto for discovering my force sensitivity and finally making me feel like I belong.

Clone Wars Edit

secound battle of Geonosis Edit

Skywalker's forces combined with Mundi's remaining troops and formed a staging area a short way from the only bridge that crossed the deep canyon isolating Poggle the Lesser's near-completed primary foundry. Anticipating stiff resistance from the factory's Geonosian defenders, Republic commanders dispatched General Luminara Unduli and her Padawan, Barriss Offee, with reinforcements. Leading the way in their gunship, Dooku Boot, Unduli and Offee arrived with more troops and gunships and met with Skywalker, Neal, and Tano to discuss the impending attack on the droid foundry. Although Skywalker had been preparing for a direct assault on the factory via the bridge, Unduli offered an alternative plan that would minimize their casualties. The catacombs under the facility provided a means to infiltrate the building and plant explosives at the main reactor, effectively destroying the foundry from the inside. As Unduli had already had her Padawan memorize all 200 of the labyrinth's junctions, the mission to sneak into and destroy the droid factory fell to Tano and Offee. Unduli and Skywalker, meanwhile, would launch a forward assault on the facility's main entrance to provide the Padawans with a distraction. The five Jedi set their plan into motion, synchronizing chronometers in order to monitor the Padawans' progress. While Tano, Neal, and Offee began to descend the chasm between the Republic forces and the droid factory to reach the entry point to the catacombs at the bottom of the canyon, Skywalker, Unduli, and Captain Rex mobilized their men and marched their troops and AT-TE walkers toward the bridge parade-style. Despite the Republic's risky lack of cover, Skywalker and Unduli intended to make their attack tempting enough to draw the battle droids out of the factory and into a fight. Poggle the Lesser and his T-series tactical droid, TX-21, rose to the bait and deployed a large force of B1 and B2 battle droids to defend the foundry. As Skywalker and Unduli led their men to charge the droids, they found themselves confronted by groups of flying Geonosians launching a surprise attack from several spires behind them and were caught in a crossfire. In the canyon, Tano, Neal, and Offee made it to the other side of the trough, where Offee cut a hole in the canyon wall and opened the entrance to the catacombs. The two Padawans made their way through the dense labyrinth and through a room of sleeping Geonosian warriors, remaining unaware that they were being followed by a Geonosian that they had accidentally awoken.

Skywalker and Unduli continued to cut through the opposing battle droids, and a clone trooper used a Z-6 rotary blaster cannon to take out the airborne Geonosian insurgents. With the appearance of several droideka squads, Rex sent a trooper forward with a rocket launcher, and the clone quickly destroyed the droids. The Geonosians' advance forces were further depleted by heavy fire from the Republic's AT-TE walkers. In response, Poggle the Lesser authorized TX-21 to send out twenty units of their newly-developed super tanks. The massive vehicles were deployed from the foundry, and despite the Republic forces' attempt to halt the tanks' advance with AV-7 Antivehicle Cannons manned by clone tank gunners, Skywalker, Unduli, and their men were unable to stop the shielded tanks' approach. Tano, Neal, and Offee, meanwhile, arrived at the control room and planted their thermal detonator charges at the large main generator. Learning of the two Jedi's presence from the Geonosian spy, Poggle the Lesser and TX-21 personally took a squad of Geonosian warriors and a super tank to greet the intruders. After activating their explosives, the Padawans' escape was cut short by the arrival of Poggle the Lesser and his defense forces.

Outside the foundry, Skywalker and Unduli learned from their chronometers that Tano, Neal, and Offee had placed and activated the bombs. Immediately thereafter, the Separatist tanks released a barrage of fire that annihilated the Republic's artillery line and AT-TE walkers, causing heavy casualties all the while. While the Geonosians and their super tank kept Tano, Neal, and Offee occupied in the control room, other Geonosian warriors collected the primed explosives. Poggle the Lesser entrusted his troops to halt the Jedi's plan while he himself departed. Tano threw an explosive charge at the tank, destroying TX-21 but barely putting a scratch on the massive vehicle. Although Tano attempted to retrieve the bombs from the Geonosians, jumping and hanging onto two of the flying warriors, the Geonosians knocked her against the reactor, temporarily rendering her unconscious. Forced to defend the fallen Tano from the super tank's laser fire, Offee, and Neal was unable to prevent the Geonosians from escaping into a hatch with the bombs. In the meantime, Skywalker and Unduli ordered Rex and his men to fall back in order to lure the tanks onto the bridge, which the two Jedi Generals intended to collapse and thereby eliminate the tanks. The clone troopers' retreat baited the tanks onto thepass, and Skywalker and Unduli swung under the bridge and across its underbelly, planting a large amount of explosives along its length.Reaching the other side, Skywalker and Unduli detonated the charges, collapsing the bridge and sending the tanks tumbling into the abyss below. Even with the arrival of evacuation ships, Skywalker refused to leave without his Padawans, who was unresponsive to his transmissions. The two Jedi Generals' refusal to retreat forced them to face the lines of B1 battle droids deployed from the foundry. Inside the control room, Offee and Neal cut their way into the super tank and disabled its battle droid operators, commandeering the vehicle and saving Tano from being killed by the weapon. A revived Tano joined Offee and Neal inside the tank, where the pair contemplated their dilemma: without the bombs, they would be unable to destroy the foundry and complete their mission. However, Tano, Neal, and Offee chose to instead employ the alternative of using the tank to fire at the generator, despite knowing that they would be unable to escape the explosion. Once Tano had relayed the decision to Skywalker and Unduli, who were battling the droids outside, she and Offee opened fire on the reactor, causing a massive chain of explosions to bring the foundry down.

Unable to help their Padawans, Skywalker and Unduli took cover as their droid adversaries were crushed by debris and watched in shock as the droid foundry collapsed, burying Tano, Neal, and Ofee underneath layers of rubble. Once the dust had settled and the smoke cleared, Skywalker desperately tried to contact Tano or Neal with his comlink, to no avail. Determined to rescue the Padawans, Skywalker ordered the Republic's LAAT carriers to begin lifting the debris to search for Tano, Neal, and Offee. Trapped with Offee and Neal in the super tank deep below the surface with a limited supply of air, Tano used a power cell to boost her communicator's reception and signal Skywalker to their position. Receiving the pulse on his Padawan's comlink channel, Skywalker led Unduli and the clones to site of the trapped Trio. With time running out, Skywalker and Unduli chose not to wait for the Republic's heavy machinery to move the debris and instead used the Force to levitate it themselves. Tano, Neal, and Offee emerged from the wreckage, coughing and grimly but alive, and were reunited with their Masters. Following their success and ordeal in destroying the primary foundry, Tano, Neal, and Offee were sent back to the fleet for a much-needed rest and accompanied a convoy of LAAT/i gunships ferrying the Republic's wounded troops back for treatment.

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