Clan Mongoose was absorbed by Clan Smoke Jaguar in 2868. The Mongoose Khan's has for years twisted the words of the Clan founder, Nicholas Kerensky, to justify their actions and defend actions considered by their fellow Clans to be "un-clanlike". When the Mongoose Khans chose to continue to use this type of action to contest a Grand Council decree that ran counter to their own wishes they were declared unfit to govern and thus made a target for Absorption.

Clan Smoke Jaguar won the right to absorb the Mongooses but prior attacks by Clan Star Adder had left the Mongoose Touman severely weakened. After destroying their opponent's Touman and winning the trial, the Smoke Jaguars refused to take any of the defeated Clan's genetic legacies. This action could have led to the death of the Mongoose bloodnames had Clan Cloud Cobra not chosen to take the fallen Clan's genetic material. Thus the Clan's legacy lives on today as a part of Clan Cloud Cobra.

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