Clan Wolf-in-Exile of the fictional universe of BattleTech is one of the Clans.

History Edit

The exiled Wolves arrived in the Lyran Alliance on 20 November 3057, in the Morges System. As planetary defense had been turned over to the Kell Hounds, there was no need for the Wolves to fight to gain entry. With the help of the Kell Hounds, the Wolves defeated the pursuing Jade Falcons and joined the Arc-Royal Defense Cordon when Morgan Kell formed the ARDC in late December.

The exiled Wolves spent the better part of the year 3058 recovering from the Trial of Great Refusal, and began to settle down on Arc-Royal. As the Grand Duke of Arc-Royal, Morgan Kell granted the Wolves a virtually uninhabited continent on the planet, on which the civilian castes immediately began building a Clan society.

In mid-3058, Star Captain Ragnar, (formerly Prince Ragnar Magunsson of the Free Rasalhauge Republlic) assisted Prince Victor Steiner-Davion on Conventry. His understanding of Clan ways allowed the Jade Falcons to accept the heigra extended to them by Prince Victor, and they withdrew without loss of honor. Khan Phelan Kell and his forces accompanied the Kell Hounds on tours of the ARDC, sometimes clashing with Jade Falcons which had slipped out of the OZ. These encounters showed that the Wolves-in-Exile had not lost any of their skill or ferocity in combat.

Later in the year, Khan Kell participated in the military planning session at the first Whitting Conference, where Clan Smoke Jaguar was chosen as the target for annihilation. In 3059 he personally led three Clusters against the Sixth Jaguar Dragoons on Labrea as part of Operation Bulldog. Under the banner of the Star League, the Fourth Wolf Guards, First Wolf Legion and the First Wolf Strike Grenadiers defeate the Dragoons and the survivors taken as bondsmen. Another two Wolf Clusters participated in the assault on the Jaguar OZ, defeating Jaguars on six other worlds and playing a key role in clean-up operations.

Although their willingness to shed blood for the Inner Sphere has earned them acceptance from their neighbours, the Wolves-in-exile still have conflicts with Inner Sphere extremists. Most are attributed to Ragnarok terrorists opposed to their capture of then-Prince Ragnar. However, the people of Arc-Royal have followed their Duke's policy of live and let live.

Military Edit

The Sixth Jaguar Dragoons, captured nearly intact, have added significant strength to the Wolf-in-Exile Touman. With the Sixth, Alpha Galaxy is near full strength, but the Epsilion Garrison Galaxy remains the most understrength, numbering only three Trinaries, as opposed to five Trinaries prior to the Battle of Tukayyid.

The first of the Wolf-in-Exiles' new BattleMech designs entered service in 3060, and trade agreements with the Kell Hounds have netted much needed equipment. Furthermore, Wolf scientists and technicians working with the Kell Hounds have created a new OmniMech, which is so versatile some Wolf garrison warriors have traded their BattleMechs for it. Clan Wolf-in-Exile also developed the Pack Hunter OmniMech, a light machine armed with a single PPC.

Action against Clan Ghost Bear in late 3060 have gained badly needed material for rebuilding the Clan, and the capture of an 'ark', a new Leviathian-class WarShip carrying prefabricated buildings and equipment for factory building complexes. However, in the course of capturing this 'ark' Star Captain Ragnar was captured by the Third Bear Guard.

Given sufficient time, the Wolf Clan can easily accomplish the daunting but necessary task of rebuilding both their society and their military. Unfortunately, the Crusader Clans are unlikely to let too much time go by before pressing their own objectives. The clock is running, and time is against the Wolf Clan. The breaking of the Truce may occur any day, and then all the invading Clans will once again swarm into the Inner Sphere. The exiles of Clan Wolf must somehow be ready to meet the challenge; otherwise, the Crusaders will destroy not only the Inner Sphere, but the true heart of Clan Wolf as well.

Society Edit

Clan Wolf-in-exile's society differs little from that of Clan Wolf, and both share the same disregard for formality. Recent action has shown that though the exiled Wolves have none of the numbers of the Crusader Wolves, their ferocity in combat easily makes up for this. The only difference in their societies is the way in which they treat freeborn. Wolf-in-exile do not discriminate against freeborn, as their Khan is a freeborn himself. The Crusader Wolves, however, have learned from their debacle with Khan Kell, and freeborn warriors do no rise higher than Star Captain.

Quote Edit

  • And the IlKhan gave us his final words, Charging us to protect those with whom we found refuge in our time of need. In this, our final duty, we shall not fail.

The Remembrance (Clan Wolf in Exile) Passage 411, Verse 16, Lines 1-4 [1]

References Edit

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