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Clare Moore is an Australian musician, songwriter, arranger, producer and performer whose principal instrument is the drums. She has also performed as a keyboard player, singer and vibraphone player. She is married to Dave Graney.[1]


Moore began performing in 1974, playing drums for a singing nun (Sister Janet Mead) in Adelaide. The Moodists went to the UK in 1983 on an independent record deal, touring extensively in Europe and the USA. In 1986 Graney decided to pursue a solo career and, with Moore as his virtual music director, formed The Coral Snakes before returning to Australia around 1990. In the following five or six years they worked with Universal Records, for whom they recorded four albums, then continued to forge ahead independently with The Dave Graney Show, The Royal Dave Graney Show and Dave Graney and The Lurid Yellow Mist.

Moore has made about 20 albums and many EPs. Other than the drums, she sings and plays the vibraphone and keyboards. She works in the studio to make her own CDs and remix the work of other artists. Working with David Graney, Moore co-wrote the soundtrack to the Tony Martin film Bad Eggs.[2]

Other film soundtrack work has been done for various ABC documentaries as well as the short film "ray" by Tony Mahony.

Studio Production work Edit

Recording and mixing the two albums by the Darling Downs (Kim Salmon and Ron Peno) "How can I forget this heart of Mine?(2005) "From one to another" (2007)
Mixing "International Travel" by Kaye Louise Patterson (2007)

Recording and mixing "a spray of red from the deep" by Jane Dust (2008)

Appearances and bandsEdit

Moore estimates the number of her live performances at around 2500 appearances. She has performed or recorded with the following artists and groups:

  • Penny Ikinger
  • Thomas Wydler
  • Beate Bartel
  • Mick Harvey
  • Kim Salmon
  • Robert Forster
  • Henry Manetta and the Trip
  • Charlie Marshall and the Everyday People
  • The Sand Pebbles
  • Kylie Minogue
  • Malcolm Ross
  • Astrid Munday
  • Kaye Patterson
  • Stephen Cummings
  • Renée Geyer
  • The Moodists
  • Dave Graney and the White Buffaloes
  • The Coral Snakes
  • The Royal Dave Graney Show
  • Clare Moore and the Speckled Band
  • Dave Graney and Clare Moore...featuring The Lurid Yellow Mist


  • Knock Yourself Out (w/Dave Graney Cockaigne/Fuse 2009)
  • we wuz curious (w/the Lurid yellow Mist Illustrious Artists 2008)
  • International Travel (w/Kaye Louise Patterson 2008)
  • Rock Formations (w/SALMON Bang 2007)
  • Keepin' it Unreal (w/Dave Graney Cockaigne/Reverberation 2006/7)
  • Hashish and Liquor (double disc w/Dave Graney, Reverberation 2005)
  • The Brother Who Lived (The Royal Dave Graney Show, Cockaigne 2003)
  • Bad Eggs soundtrack (David Graney and Clare Moore, Liberation, 2003)
  • Two Fisted Art (The Moodists, WMinc, 2003)
  • Heroic Blues (The Dave Graney Show, Cockaigne 2002)
  • The Third Woman (Clare Moore solo CD, Chapter Music 2001)
  • Kiss Tomorrow Goodbye (The Dave Graney Show, Cockaigne 2000)
  • The Dave Graney Show (The Dave Graney Show, Festival 1998)
  • The Devil Drives (Coral Snakes, Universal 1997)
  • The Soft'n'Sexy Sound (Coral Snakes, Universal 1995)
  • You Wanna Be There but You Don't Wanna Travel (Coral Snakes, Universal 1994)
  • Night of the Wolverine (Coral Snakes, Universal 1993)
  • Lure of the Tropics (Coral Snakes, Torn and Frayed 1992)
  • I was the Hunter and I was the Prey (Coral Snakes, Fire 1992)
  • My Life on the Plains (White Buffaloes, Fire, 1990)
  • Double Life (The Moodists, 1985)
  • Thirstys Calling (The Moodists, 1984)
  • Engine Shudder (The Moodists, 1982)


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