In TradeWars 2002 there are multiple planet classes. Each has their own strengths and weaknesses. The values governing these strengths and weaknesses are server dependent, as the Sysop can edit the settings per game that he is running. Everything mentioned in this article is dependent on what settings the Sysop has chosen. Most games are very close, if not identical, to the default settings for planets.

Every planet has a production ratio per item it can produce in relation to the amount of colonists dedicated to the item's production. Each planet also has a rate at which it can advance. These advancements are called citadels. (Insert a better description here.)

Planets produce four things, as a rule: Fuel, Organics, Equipment, and Fighters. The first three are dependent on the production ratios of colonist per unit of item to be produced. The amount of fighters produced is a synthesis of the utilization of the colonists. If your colonists are poorly utilized, then your planet will generate fewer fighters.

The Class H (Volcanic) planet has the best Fuel production of any planet. The ratio is 1:1. One colonist will generate one unit of fuel per day. Fuel is important, because it is what powers the Quasar Cannon for planetary defense, ships for transwarp drive, the planet transporter system, etc. Class H planets are usually the strongest planets for sector defense and for supporting a network of nearby planets.

Class H planets tend to be slow to advance. Building and upgrading a citadel on a Class H can take up to three times as long as other planet classes. In general, it is just under twice as long.

Class H planets tend to reach a cap of 50,000,000 colonists per category (50,000 in game terms, since the numbers are per thousand). With a production of 50,000 units of fuel per day, a Class H is a formidable defense planet.

Class H planets can not produce organics. They are capable of producing Fuel, Equipment, and Fighters only. The general ratio for Equipment is 500:1, making a Volcanic planet a poor Equipment producer.

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