Debesius "Cloud Man" Miegas is a Lithuanian-American rapper and a member of the Three K Mafia. A loyal ally of Moon Man and a good friend of Star Man, Cloud Man specializes in killing minorities with gas. He has existed roughly as long as Moon Man and Star Man. During World War I, Cloud Man learned to distrust the Jews after they stabbed Germany in the back, causing them to lose the war and lose his chance to live free. In an unspecified time, he also learned to distrust blacks and other minorities. In the 1920s and 1930s, he was a leading member of the Lithuanian Iron Wolf association, even going as far to participate in the attempted coup against Antanas Smetona. He managed to escape time in prison despite the failure of the coup and remained dormant until World War II, where he collaborated with the Nazis by providing them with Zyklon B and weapons for the Einsatzgruppen that exterminated 95% of his country's Jews.This is where he would meet Moon Man and Star Man, who would go on to form the core of the Triple K Mafia.

After the war, Cloud Man worked in the black market for around five decades, selling his renowned lethal gasses to various buyers across the world. In an interview, Cloud Man explained he sold sarin gas to people like Saddam Hussein in the 1980s because "Lesser races are best when they're killing each other."

In the 1990s, after the fall of Communism in Lithuania, he appeared briefly on Lithuanian television with a surprisingly gentler role. He would keep in touch with the two members of the Triple K Mafia, eventually joining them in the 2010s. He first appeared on The Lunatic song, "Changes." On the album The Star, the Cloud, and the Moon, he had his near-solo song, "They Used to Be My Friends," which would describe some of Cloud Man's story on why he hates minorities. It wouldn't be until the Vikkktorious album that Cloudman would release his first solo titled "Sodomist Slayer."

His picture (as well as Moon Man and Star Man's pictures) on the album cover were based of a picture taken in the 1940s, before he grew his white mustache. It is believed Cloud Man is a descendant of Debesu Tēvs, the Baltic god of the day lit sky.