The Coalition’s War started July 4th, 1979. No warning was given when superheroes in the United States were attacked by others who were supposed to be superheroes. Soon the attacks were world wide.

The superheroes that turned on their fellow superheroes would become known as the Coalition of Super Humans. They said they were meant to rule over humans. One third of the superheroes joined the coalition.

The initial onslaught, called Black Monday, eventually killed 20% of the remaining superheroes. Vector, the Brain of The first Team of Six, was the leader of the Coalition.

OMNI lead the remaining superheroes into a single organized command structure, know as the Heroes Union, or the HU.

The war ravaged the superhuman and human populations. Humans were seen as less than collateral damage by the Coalition. The Coalition actively disrupted and destroyed human infrastructure to keep the HU forces busy protecting them.

In the fall of 1981 OMNI and the HU finally ended the war by defeating Vector and destroying the coalition.


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