The Cold Lands is a fictional region of Faerûn in the Forgotten Realms role-playing game. Centered around the Great Glacier, a glacier formerly inhabited by the empire of Pelvuria, the Cold Lands are now scarcely populated because of the harsh arctic climate.

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In the fictional fantasy setting of the Forgotten Realms, the nation of Sossal (inhabitants: Sossarhim) is a chilling place locked between Pelvuria and Yal-Tengri. There is a trade city on the Great Ice Sea called Naupau. Some say Sossarhim sometimes go to Calimshan.


Damara is a scarcely populated northern kingdom of Faerûn. Its estimated 1,300,000 inhabitants, of human, dwarven, halfling and half-orc blood, are ruled by King Gareth Dragonsbane. The main city of Damara is Heliogabalus, to the west of which lies Bloodstone Village on the border of Damara and Vaasa. While King Gareth and his court reside in Bloodstone Village, most inhabitants of Damara live in Heliogabalus.


Main article: Narfell

Once an empire of great magic, Narfell is now home of barbarian tribes.


Vaasa is a country that borders on the Pelvuria, the Great Glacier, to the North, and is largely uninhabitated, except for small villages of humans, dwarves, orcs and half-orcs. There is a city named Palishchuk in the Northeastern Cornerm primarily inhabited by half-orcs and is in clear view of the Great Glacier. In the northern most part of Vaasa near Palishchuk lies Castle Perilous, a remnant of the time of Zhengyi the Witch-King, that is currently inhabited by a dracolich named Urshula the Black, controlled by Bregan D'aerthe. Vaasa is bounded on the south by the wall-fortress known as the Vaasan Gate. On the otherside of the fortress lies the "Fugue Plane" a large tent city where adventurers, ruffians and fringe dwellers reside and prey upon each other or go forth into Vaasa in search of adventure.

Info from The Promise of the Witch King and Road of the Patriarch by R. A. Salvatore.

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