In video games, a collection-fest or collectionfest is a game where the majority of the gameplay involves collecting items to advance the game; in particular, the term is often used as a complaint when a game features a plethora of items to collect that have little or no use to the player, other than as an arbitrary lock-and-key system that limits progression. Usually, the game would have one major item that must be collected in each level to proceed through the level, and a number of minor items that can unlock certain bonuses.

If done in moderation, item collecting can be a good play mechanism; but when used in excess it tends to make the game a chore by making the player perform similar tasks that seem to have no relevance in the game other than "you just have to do it".[attribution needed] Ammunition and health items do not count, neither does money, unless money is the item you have to collect to advance the game. Collection-fests are usually platform games, although it is sometimes applied to RPGs that feature many fetch quests.

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