CSI: Miami episode
Episode no. Season 4
Episode 17
Written by Dean Widenmann
Directed by Sam Hill
Guest stars Jackson Bond
Richard T.Jones
Victor Alfieri
Benjamin King
Rachel Cannon
Kevin Ramsey
Ana Christina De Oliveira
Joe Sikora
Jacqueline Fleming
Production no. 417
Original airdate March 6, 2006
Episode chronology
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" Deviant" " Double Jeopardy"

"Deviant" is the seventeen episode in the fourth season of the popular America crime drama CSI: Miami.


A car accident claimed a life of a woman. Horatio found blood coming from the trunk. Inside the trunk is a dead man,leading the team to believe the body is the reason why Angela was going so fast. But evidence shows that another car is involved. The car paint leads the team to Russel Miller, who confess he knocked Angela's car a few times. Horatio tells Alexx that they found the killer, but Alexx tell Horatio that Angela is killed after the crash, leading the team to believe there is a second killer.

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