Trade Wars Ship
Colonial Transport
Basic hold cost: 27,000
Main drive cost: 1,000
Computer cost: 10,400
Ship hull cost: 25,200
Ship base cost: 63,600
Maximum figs per attack: 100
Maximum holds: 250
Initial holds: 50
Maximum fighters: 200
Turns per warp: 6
Mine maximum: 0
Genesis maximum: 5
TransWarp drive: No
Transport range: 7
Maximum shields: 500
Offensive odds: 0.6:1
Defensive odds: 0.6:1
Beacon maximum: 10
Long-range scanner: No
Planet scanner: Yes
Photon missiles: No

The Colonial Transport, also known as the Colt, is the largest-capacity ship in the fictional Tradewars 2002 universe.

Its maximum number of holds is 250. However, the price of additional holds escalates with each hold purchased, so it is cheaper to either buy them all in one fell swoop or acquire the holds by attacking vessels and salvaging their holds.

The Colt has extremely low combat odds (0.6) and an inability to carry many fighters and shields, making it rather vulnerable to attack. Even a Scout Marauder can be a serious threat to the Colonial Transport. The loss of a Colt outfitted with maximum holds is expensive, so the Colt is frequently relegated to carrying large amounts of cargo and colonists along heavily-defended routes. It is also a favorite vessel of pirates who have gained enough experience to steal 250 holds of products at a time.


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