Combat Shield and Mini Adventure
Code AC2
Rules Required Expert Set D&D
Character Levels 4-7
Campaign Setting Generic
Authors David Cook
First Published 1984

AC2 Combat Shield and Mini-Adventure is a 14 page accessory designed for the Dungeons & Dragons role-playing game.

David Cook wrote Combat Shield and Mini-Adventure as a supplement with two purposes in mind. First it included a screen to hide Gamemasters material and dice rolls during the course of play and provide useful tables for quick reference. Secondly, a small adventure, The Treasure of the Hideous One, came in the same supplement[1].

Combat ShieldEdit

The Combat Shield in this supplement is a precursor to far more elaborate GM Screens used today. It can be used with either/or the Basic or Expert set. It included tables for saving throws, thieves abilities, undead turning, to hit rolls, the combat sequence, monster experience tables, and player experience tables among other items.

The Treasure of the Hideous OneEdit

An Expert mini-adventure for characters level 4 - 7


This adventure follows along relatively traditional paths. The group finds a message that indicates a long hidden treasure lies somewhere in a swampy region. An expedition led by an intrepid explorer attempted to find the treasure but came to an untimely end.

The group eventually fights their way through various enemies to secure the treasure and learn the fate of the original expedition. The module lists several possible treasures to choose as the final reward.

Despite the shortness of the adventure it requires a fairly advanced party because of the presence of Rosentos the Vampire.


  • Bandit
  • Cay-men (Introduced in this module)
  • Giant Serpentweed (Introduced in this module)
  • Ghoul
  • Vampire


  1. Schick, Lawrence (1991). Heroic Worlds. Buffalo, NY: Prometheus Books. pp. 134. ISBN 0879756535. 

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