Template:Infobox VG series The Conduit is is a Wii-Exclusive first person shooter game developed by High Voltage Software and published by Sega. It was followed up by Conduit 2 which began production immediately after the first game started shipping. The first game has won multiple E3 awards for the Wii.[1] [2]

The story follows Michael Ford who is trying to save Washington D.C (later the world in the second game) from the alien Enlil (known to Ford as John Adams).


Michael FordEdit

Agent Michael Ford worked as part of the United States Secret Service, protecting people in office, such as the President, before being recruited into The Trust organization. High Voltage Software Producer Josh Olson described Ford as, "Clean cut, has a square jaw, and doesn't drink or smoke. He's idealistic and follows orders. He believes in honor, duty, service to country. [3]


Prometheus is one of the protagonists of The Conduit. He was originally thought to be a terrorist that allied with the Drudge. During most of the Campaign, Prometheus speaks to Mr. Ford via the ASE.

Prometheus is thought to be a former Trust scientist, who stole valuable technology from the Trust. Prometheus is labeled a terrorist and a threat to America, up until Michael Ford is betrayed by John Adams. After This pivotal moment in the game, Prometheus assumes the role of the player's hint system and contact. On the Eighth Mission, near the end of the campaign mode, at The Trust base, Prometheus is revealed to be an alien used as the genetic base model for all Drudge seen in game.

Prometheus battles the Trust in an attempt to stop Mr. Adams' plans. Mr. Ford originally fights against him, and is lead to believe that Prometheus is a terrorist by Mr. Adams. After Adams reveals that he has been manipulating Ford, and abandons him to die, he is rescued from the burning Jefferson Memorial by Prometheus' helicopter. Without actually meeting Micheal, Prometheus then sends him on missions across Washington D.C. to combat the Trust and the Drudge. Prometheus later directs Ford to a giant conduit which leads to a secret Trust base. In that base, Ford finds Prometheus, who is imprisoned, and has been using the ASE to communicate with Ford. Prometheus is an unknown alien species who is the model for the Drudge. He asks Ford to kill him and destroy the base, in order to prevent the creation of Drudge in the future. He was thought to be dead, but actually transferred his consciousness to the A.S.E. immediately before death. Later dialogue between the Unknown alien and Adams/Enlil reveals that Prometheus was loyal to their alien species, but went against them.

John Adams (Enlil)Edit

The notorious leader of the Drudge. After presumably being exiled to Earth, he started secretely ruling the country of U.S.A. He later carryed out his plan to use the Drudge to take over Washington D.C. He created the Drudge using the genetic blueprint of fellow alien Prometheus. Near the end of The Conduit Washington D.C has been ravaged by Drudge forces and even though the Trust has been destroyed plans for invasion are still carrying out.

In Conduit 2, Mr. Ford must turn the other aliens around the globe against him.


The DrudgeEdit

The Drudge was initially thought to be a race of insectoid extraterrestial beings that are invading Washington, D.C. for unknown reasons, in The Conduit. They are the main antagonists of The Conduit, and they are divided into different groups that you'll have to fight over the course of the game. They are: Drones, Scarabs, Skimmers, Mites, and Invaders.

At the beginning of the game, The Drudge were thought to be extraterrestrials. Near the end of the campaign mode, it is revealed that the Drudge are not aliens, but beings created by The Trust, using Prometheus as a genetic blueprint. The end of the game reveals that John Adams (real name "Enlil") was exiled to Earth roughly 240 years ago to found The Trust, an organization supposedly dedicated to eliminating alien threats. In reality, it acted as a sleeper organization that would infiltrate human society and eventually conquer the planet. Even with the The Trust supposedly destroyed, their plans for invasion still seem to be proceeding. As near the end of The Conduit, the city is ravaged and it will have more damage inflicted on it in Conduit 2.


  • Drones are the standard infantry of The Drudge. They always carry Strike Rifles, and sometimes throw radiation grenades. They usually attack in groups, copying the Roman Army.
  • Skimmers are smaller than Drones, but larger than Mites, and carry a Shrieker. They are always flying, and are never seen walking on the ground.
  • Mites are the smallest and weakest Drudge Faction, they are divided into legions.
Med-Mites are the only species in the game that are able to heal their allies by just being around them. They can even heal themselves, but cannot revive themselves or anyone else.
Para-Mites are worm-like creatures that are able to fly, and are never seen on ground. They only attack by poking the player and use no weapons, as they have no arms.
Tear-Mites are bipedal, have two arms with a large claw on each one, and large spikes on their back. They always try to slash the player with their claws. They don't carry any weapons.
Therm-Mites look very similar to Tear-Mites, except that these are orange-colored. They will try to approach the player by rolling to him/her and explode.
  • Scarabs are the strongest of the Drudge infantry. They are larger than Drones, and much stronger. Due to their powerful exo-skeletons, there are many shots needed to kill them. Also, they carry a Hive Cannon, which makes them even more powerful. A variation of the Scarabs are the Storm Scarabs, which look the same as normal Scarabs, except for the fact that they don't use weapons, and the ASE is needed to make them completely visible and tangible.
  • Invaders are giant quadrupedal creatures who are the most powerful Drudge form. They can create a small swarm of Para-Mites, and can fire shots similar to those of the Shrieker. They act as bosses. An invader's melee attack is one of the most damaging attacks of the game.

The TrustEdit

The Trust a government organization beant on protecting the United States from extraterrestials, unlike other government organizations, the Trust has access to more advanced weaponry and two bases known so far. After Michael Ford saves the president from the Trust's Human Puppet's, he is recruited into the Trust organization himself. He is sent to retrieve the A.S.S by the Trust leader, John Adams. To his surprise the Trust soldiers begin shooting at him. After Adams tries to kill Ford using the Drudge, Ford allies with Prometheus to take out the Trust. He eventually makes it to their main base and destroy's it before escaping through a Conduit to their second known base, an Oil Derrick. The Derrick is later destroyed by a Leviathan. The Trust logo is similar to the N.W.O Logo.

Puppet Human'sEdit

Puppets are soldiers that have been enslaved by a neuro-toxin at the beginning of The Conduit, they were previously infected with the virus, the Bug.


  • Scientests: Scientests deal with the science in the Trust bases, they are not like Puppets but instead are doing woeful actions on their own due to their greed, the same applies to the rest of the Trust infantry, they had created the A.S.E through which Prometheus contacted them from. Prometheus managed to convince them to steal the A.S.E. They attempted to take it from the Reagan National Airport, through which they were killed by Ford who then took the A.S.E.
  • Trust Guards: Trust security personnel. They wear Mk13 "Avenger" body armor, and are equipped with a TPC Launcher. Despite being security "guards", they are never seen inside the Trust Base.
  • Trust field agents: Standard trust agents who are deployed into the field, outside The Trust Base. They wear black sunglasses, a black suit and tie, and a respirator facemask. Trust field agents serve as the primary opponents in the game's first few levels, alongside Puppet Human soldiers. They are typically equipped with conventional weapons, primarily the MP5KA4 submachine gun and SCAR assault rifle. Later on, they are equipped with Trust weapons. A code is needed to unlock this character in the multiplayer mode, in which the model is called Suit. The code can be found in the Limited Edition of The Conduit.
  • Trust agents: The most elite soldiers of the Trust, these operatives are only encountered inside of the Trust Base, in the game's last two missions. These agents wear special high-tech Trust armor, similar to the advanced bodysuit worn by Michael Ford, that grants them increased damage resistance significantly above that of all other human enemies (they can survive about twice as much damage as a Drudge Drone, and almost four times as much damage as a standard human enemy). Some Trust Agents can even regenerate their health, at a fairly fast rate (these Trust Agents are usually seen carrying TPC Launchers). The suit also includes a self-destruct mechanism that causes their bodies to explode upon death. They are typically equipped with the Deatomizer Mk4 or TPC Launcher.


The Conduit Edit

Main article: The Conduit

Conduit 2Edit

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The game has won multiple awards for E3[4]

Award IGN Game Trailers Gamespot
Best Shooter Game of E3 2008 (Wii) Yes No No
Best Graphics Technology of E3 2008 (Wii) Yes No No
Best Wii Game of E3 2008 Yes Yes No
Worst Box Art No No Yes

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