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Conquests are scenarios in Civilization III. The Conquests are described below.

I. Mesopotamia - It is the year 4000 BC. The Mesopotamian basin and the shores of the Mediterranean Sea witnessed the rise of many great civilizations, such as Sumeria, Egypt, Mycenae, Babylon, Phoenicia, Hatti, and Medea. All of the civilizations in this scenario are playable.

II. Rise Of Rome- It is the year 350 BC. The slash of sharp blades will again resonate throughout the valleys of Europe and the waters of the Mediterranean as four strong powers—Rome, Carthage, Macedon and Persia—vie to establish the greatest empire of the Ancient Age. All of the civilizations mentioned in this paragraph are playable.

To the north, the dark woods of Europe and the expansive plains of Eurasia are populated by wild bands of Celts, Goths and Scythians. Along the River Nile Egyptians still farm the fertile floodplains, although their days of glory are but a distant memory. None of the civilizations mentioned in this paragraph are playable.

III. Fall Of Rome - It is the year 324 AD. The Roman culture has dominated the Mediterranean for the last 500 years; their vast empire spans from Britain in the northwest to Egypt in the southeast. But even the glories of Rome are starting to fade. Corruption is rampant throughout the empire, and the great Constantine was forced to split the empire into eastern and western jurisdictions. No single man can effectively rule such a vast realm. Constantine's new capital is growing quickly and may soon rival Rome in splendor. Also, a new power now rises in the east. The nomadic Huns have arrived on the plains of Eastern Europe and are moving west. Their actions will force the numerous Germanic barbarians to press the Romans for space. A confrontation with mighty Rome is surely brewing! Every civilization except Western and Eastern Rome is playable.

IV. Middle Ages - It is the year 843 AD. Remnants of the Roman Empire linger near the Byzantine stronghold of Constantinople, but the glory days of the Roman empire are 500 years in the past. Europe has seen one great empire since then, the Carolingian dynasty of the mighty Charlemagne. Now even he has left us, and the just-concluded Treaty of Verdun has split his mighty holdings among Franks, Burgundians, and Germans. These Christian nations carefully watch the sea for signs of the Viking raiders that torment the region. The playable civilizations are the Franks, the Burgundians, the English, the Germans, the Danes, the Swedes, the Norwegians, the Kievan Rus, the Cordovans, the Fatimids, the Abbasids, the Turks and the Byzantines.

V. Mesoamerica - The date is 300 AD, the beginning of the Classic Age of Pre-Columbian Mesoamerica. Many cultures live within the lush and mountainous regions of Mexico, Central and South America. Some are on the rise, while others fight to stave off their inevitable decay. Yet all share common traits: the worship of the jaguar and the feathered-serpent, the building of grand temples of limestone and granite, the capture and enslavement of enemy soldiers, and the giving of thanks to the gods through human sacrifice. These traits and more dominate the scene as the sun rises and sets on your bountiful lands. But unbeknownst to all, a pale flame smoulders in the east, and begins its steady rage westward. The playable civilizations are the Aztecs, Maya, and inca. The non-player civilizations are the Olmecs, Toltecs, and Moche.

VI. Age Of Discovery - It is the year 1490. New powers are beginning to emerge on the Iberian peninsula. The marriage between Isabella of Castile and Ferdinand of Aragon has reunited the Spanish and led to the expulsion of the remaining Moors in Granada. Portuguese explorers, trained at the school founded by Prince Henry the Navigator, have explored the western coast of Africa and established an outpost on the island of Madeira. Other countries rush to build caravels and navigation schools to compete. What new lands and riches will be uncovered in this emerging Age of Discovery? All civilization except the Iroqouis are playable in this scenario.

VII. Sengoku - Sword Of The Shogun

VIII. Napoleonic Europe

IX. WWII In The Pacifc

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