Counterpoint is a television news package created by Stephen Arnold. This package is currently being used in at least 30 local television markets across the USA, containing at least 40 central themes & over 900 cuts. It is the most used of Stephen Arnold's packages. It was freelanced by Stephen Arnold Music in 1992.

Stations that used or have used CounterpointEdit

DMA# DMA Name Station Affiliation Years Used
7. Boston & Worcester, Massachusetts WUNI-TV, formerly WHLL Univision, formerly Telemundo 2003-Present
12. Tampa, Florida WVEA-TV, formerly WBSV Univision, formerly SIN 2001 & 2002
13. Sarasota, Florida WWSB, formerly WXLT ABC 1994-2001
18. Denver, Colorado KCEC-TV Univision 2001-Present
19. Orlando, Florida WFTV-TV, formerly WLOF ABC 1997-2001
19. Orlando, Florida WRBW-TV My Network TV, formerly UPN 1997-2001
21. St. Louis, Missouri KDNL-TV ABC, formerly Fox 1995-1999
23. Portland, Oregon KOIN-TV CBS 2006-December 2006
24. Baltimore, Maryland WMAR-TV ABC, formerly NBC 1999-2002
26. Charlotte, North Carolina WCNC-TV, formerly WPCQ NBC 1996-2006
WMYT-TV, formerly WWWB My Network TV, formerly The WB 2000-2002
28. Hartford, Connecticut WCTX, formerly WBNE My Network TV, formerly UPN 2003-Present
28. New Haven, Connecticut WTNH-TV, formerly WNHC ABC, formerly DuMont 2003-2007
29. Hartford, Connecticut WUVN, formerly WHCT Univision, formerly CBS 2002-Present
36. Greenville, South Carolina & Asheville, North Carolina WSPA-TV CBS 2001-2006
36. Spartanburg, South Carolina WYCW, formerly WASV The CW, formerly UPN  ????-Present
37. San Antonio, Texas KENS-TV, formerly KEYL CBS, formerly ABC 2004-2007
38. West Palm Beach, Florida WPTV-TV, formerly WJNO NBC 1999-2005
38. West Palm Beach, Florida WPXP ION, formerly Pax 2002-2005
39. Grand Rapids, Michigan WZZM-TV ABC 2004-2006
41. Harrisburg, Pennsylvania WHTM-TV, formerly WTPA ABC 1998-2003
43. Las Vegas, Nevada KINC, formerly KZIR Univision 2001-2003
47. Greensboro, North Carolina WFMY-TV CBS, formerly ABC 2004-2007
55. Fresno, California KJEO-LP America One, formerly CBS 1995-1998
58. Dayton, Ohio & Springfield, Ohio WHIO-TV CBS 1992-1995
62. Tulsa, Oklahoma KJRH, formerly KTEW NBC 1997-2002
63. Lexington, Kentucky WTVQ-TV, formerly WBLG ABC 1997-2002
68. Lynchburg, Virginia & Roanoke, Virginia WSLS-TV NBC, formerly CBS 1997-2003
69. Green Bay, Wisconsin WBAY-TV ABC, formerly CBS 2003-2006
77. Spokane, Washington KXLY-TV ABC, formerly CBS 1998-2001
79. Syracuse, New York WTVH, formerly WHEN CBS, formerly ABC 2002-2005
85. Madison, Wisconsin WKOW-TV ABC, formerly CBS 1999-2001
86. Chattanooga, Tennessee WDEF-TV CBS, formerly ABC 1998-2002
87. Jackson, Mississippi WLBT, formerly WJBT NBC, formerly ABC 1998-2002
92. Tri-Cities, Tennessee WAPK-CA My Network TV, formerly UPN 2002-Present
91. Kingsport, Tennessee WKPT-TV ABC 2002-Present
91. Johnson City, Tennessee WJHL-TV CBS, formerly ABC 1998-2006
94. Colorado Springs, Colorado & Pueblo, Colorado KKTV CBS 2005-2007
99. El Paso, Texas KINT-TV Univision 2001-Present
100. Charleston, South Carolina WCBD-TV, formerly WUSN NBC, formerly ABC 1998-2006
101. Evansville, Indiana WEVV CBS, formerly Fox 1995-2000
102. Youngstown, Ohio WFMJ-TV NBC 1997-2000
107. Greenville, North Carolina WNCT-TV CBS, formerly ABC 1998-2004
112. Reno, Nevada KOLO-TV ABC, formerly CBS 2001-2003
113. Traverse City, MI WPBN-TV NBC, formerly ABC 1998 & 1999
113. Traverse City, MI WTOM-TV NBC, formerly ABC 1998 & 1999
115. Augusta, Georgia WJBF ABC, formerly NBC 1992-2006
116. Peoria, Illinois WMBD-TV CBS 1996-1999
119. Boise, Idaho & Nampa, Idaho KIVI, formerly KITC ABC 1998-2002
120. Eugene, Oregon KMTR NBC 1998-2004
123. Eau Claire, Wisconsin WQOW-TV ABC 1999-2008
125. Monterey, California KSMS-TV, formerly KSLZ Univision 2001-Present
129. Corpus Christi, Texas KORO-TV Univision 2002-2006
136. Wilmington, North Carolina WWAY ABC 1999-2004
138. Topeka, Kansas KTKA-TV ABC 1999-2002
139. Jefferson City, Missouri KRCG CBS 2004-Present
143. Sioux City, Iowa KMEG CBS, formerly Fox 1999-2005
144. Lawton, Oklahoma & Wichita Falls, Texas KAUZ-TV, formerly KSYD CBS 1998-2005
147. Lubbock, Texas KLBK-TV CBS, formerly ABC 2000-2004
148. Salisbury, Maryland WMDT-TV ABC 1997-2004
150. Bluefield, West Virginia WVVA, formerly WHIS NBC 1998-Present
157. Binghamton, New York WBNG-TV, formerly WBNF CBS, formerly ABC 2002-Present
158. Bismarck, North Dakota KFYR-TV NBC, formerly ABC 1996-Present
159. Midland, Texas KMID ABC, formerly NBC 199?-1998
164. Abilene, Texas KTAB-TV CBS 2005-Present
165. Hattiesburg, Mississippi & Laurel, Mississippi WDAM-TV NBC, formerly ABC 1997-2000
167. El Centro, California KVYE Univision 2001-Present
172. Dothan, Alabama WTVY CBS 1999-2005
179. Alexandria, Louisiana KALB-TV NBC, formerly ABC 1998-2003
187. Laredo, Texas KLDO-TV, formerly KJTB Univision, formerly ABC 2002-Present
201. St. Joseph, Missouri KQTV, formerly KFEQ ABC, formerly CBS 1999-2001
209. North Platte, Nebraska KNOP-TV NBC 1999-2008

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