The Covenant Fleet is the primary enemy to the UNSC. Since their weapons are better than the humans, they create a huge problem for the High Command on Reach.The Covenant Fleet Consist of four main ship classifications and several other extended ship classes such as the Flagship Assault Carrier. The main classes from smallest to largest are Frigates, Destroyers, Cruisers and Carriers. The Covenant fleet is the most Powerful known and their primary weapons are a guided plasma, pulse lasers and other technology far beyond the humans. All ships have shielding and can perform intersystem slip space jumps, giving them a huge advantage over the UNSC fleets. The odds in battle are even when the humans outnumber them 3 to 1. Although the number of the Covenant Fleet is not known, We know it is well over a thousand. The advance attack force to earth consisted of over five hundred ships alone. We know that there has also been over 500 more seen and when Cortana sees the fleet with High Charity she claims "it's the largest fleet ever seen" which adds to the already over 1000 ships.

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Frigates are the smallest of the main ships in the Covenant Fleet. There plasma torpedoes, while powerful, are significantly weaker than that of the bigger ship. They are about the same size as a UNSC frigate. Frigates are still very powerful and 4 of them is an even match for seven destroyers.[1]



Powerful vessels that are three times the size of a UNSC destroyer[2]. Their firepower is an enormous increase over the Covenant frigates. Their plasma torpedoes can cut through several meters of titanium and gut the rest of the ship.


While not as much is known about them, they are more powerful than the frigates and destroyers of their fleet. They can easily destroy much of the human fleet with few numbers. The defense force at earth numbered over a hundred and 15 cruisers turned a lot of them into scrap metal.



Carriers are the transport ships. They carry hundreds of spacecraft[3] and can transport thousands of troops onto the battlefield. One Carrier is enough to conquer a planet as it did at Sigma Octanus before reinforcements arrived. They typically carry about 30 drop ships that can carry one thousand Covenant troops anywhere on the battlefield. They also carry a large amount of Banshees to provide support for the ground troops. Even though they're transports they are not weak. Their torpedoes are stronger than those of frigates and a Flagship Assault Carrier is the most powerful ship in the fleet.

Flagship Assault CarrierEdit

These monstrous ships are one of the two flagships of the covenant fleet. They are three times the size of a UNSC Cruiser and their weapons travel faster than the speed of light making it impossible to dodge[4]. Their shielding is the most advanced of all ships and the commander of the ship is held in the highest regard by the rest of the fleet. If a Human vessel is anywhere near it, the other ships will not fire upon it. This is usually not the case for The Covenant as they will usually risk their lives and their comrades to destroy any human vessel. This ship alone is capable of taking out multiple ships with one blast. The first time a flagship was documented occurred during the battle of Reach, using an advanced "pinpoint" laser that had been unseen by UNSC forces previously, the flagship obliterated 5 UNSC ships in under one second, slicing through them all and detonating their reactors, utterly destroying them. There have been only 4 mentioned in the Halo Universe. The first was destroyed at the battle of Reach by Captain Keyes[5], the Ascendant Justice was captured by the Master chief[6], the Seeker of Truth was the Flagship of the Arbiter before he was labeled a Heretic for his Failure to safeguard Halo[7] and the Shadow of Intent was the flagship of the Elite fleet whose Commander was Rtas 'Vadumee[8]

Super CarrierEdit

This is the other type of flagship but it is not as well known. There have only been two that are known of in the Halo series. The carrier that Regret was on when he attacked Earth was the first and Imperial Admiral Xytan Jar Wattinree's flagship the Sublime Transcendence[9] is the second. Little is known about these ships other than that they are the fastest ships in the fleet.

Command RanksEdit

Ship MasterEdit

The captains of the ships. They were gold armor and carry energy swords.[10]

Fleet MasterEdit

These are the low ranking admirals of the Covenant Fleet. They lead fleets of about 20 and sometimes lead ground operations. They wear gold armor like the Ship Masters.

Supreme CommanderEdit

The equivalent of a full admiral in the Covenant Fleet. They command fleets from 100 to 300 ships. They are responsible for large fleet operations. They wear a dark violet armor with a fancy headdress[7].


Imperial AdmiralEdit

Less is known about this rank. They are the fleet admirals of the Covenant Navy. They may lead several fleets at once. They also could be the overall commander of all the fleets of there certain type, such as all the fleets of Particular Justice as there seems to be more than one of them. They wear silver armor with gold Forerunner glyphs.[11]

Support CraftEdit


Seraphs are the main fighter of the Covenant Navy. It is known for its tear shape frame. They carry armaments of plasma cannons, a larger fuel rod cannon and other plasma weapons. They wait in the carriers until a battle and a devastating to enemy ships.


Primarily ground support craft, they are small and versatile. If they are used in any sort of space combat they are used to take out small spacecraft. They have twin plasma cannons and one fuel rod cannon for their armament. They are only piloted by one person as they are only five meters long.


One of the two drop ships in the Covenant. They carry a payload of about 15 covenant troops. They have a couple of plasma cannons for ground support to provide cover for the landing troops. Since they are smaller they are not typically used as much as the larger Phantom.


The larger of the two drop ships, it can carry 24 passengers to transport more men around quickly. They have 3 plasma cannons used to lay down plenty of cover fire for their men.


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