"Cracker" is a Moon Man song that appears on WhiteTopia and on the greatest hits mixtape The Ultimate Collection - Part 1: Notorious KKK. It is a remix of "Ghetto Bird" by Ice Cube, who Moon Man disses in the song, calling him Ice Noob. The song mostly focuses on killing niggers but also mentions killing feminists.

Tyler and two of his companions from the White Knights, Daniel and Craig, have some spoken-word lines in the song.

Lyrics Edit

What Yeah, uh-huh Fucking kick it

Why oh why must a cracker cry Whenever Moonman be cooking another nigger fry Don't step up to these rhymes, it's outrageous And soon it will be contagious The real Moon with bad habits that's about to do some real damage On yet another nigger who doesn't know the meaning of when I pull the trigger Because I'm just so fucking slicker Slice open a feminist bitch, like Jack the Ripper It don't matter if you beg or cry Because capping yet another nigger just makes me high So before you get to say bye-bye Please remember that it was the Moon who was the real bad buy And if you have a problem with this message I be sending Then remember that I don't give a fucking shit about who I may be offending

Wasting niggers since 1999 And keeping on the flip side

Fuck all of you feminist bitches I seriously think you're all butthurt Because you can't take all of my twenty-seven inches Shit


Even if I was for this social justice warrior shit I'd still slap a ho and chop off her clit Feminists and you social justice warriors can fuck right off Moonman be bathing in money, like Microsoft

WhiteTopia 2015 Not giving a fuck A-yo

I don't give a shit about sexual objectification Or if my rhymes may seem like abominations I wanna slap that feminist bitch Anita Sarkeesian Who for some fucking reason thinks a woman could become a politician Oh don't let the Big Bad Moon scare ya It don't matter anyway You all gonna die

Smacking a feminist ho is the real shit Because it was the fucking Moon who said it So fuck all niggers and jews And kick back, relax And listen to the finest of the Nigger-Killing Moon blues All of you whiny fucks got my channel taken down Well now the Moon is fucking back in town So before I make another nigger baby drown Remember that I despise anyone who looks and acts brown Killing a nigger is a real piece of cake Especially when you've got what it takes To cap a bullet in a nigger rapper like Drake So just give me a nigger to break

Black neighborhoods make the best shooting range

Fuck yeah, I don't even need a gun Killing negroes is shit I just do for fun The second wave of nigger slaughter has just begun Now watch me kill all of these blacks one by one It's the number one nigger slayer in the house Props and credits towards the one and only Mickey Mouse

[Daniel] Here nigga ni⁣gga Here nigga nig⁣ga ni⁣gga

There is no universal race Only because within intelligence of a negro exists no trace So welcome to my own favorite little place A spot called WhiteTopia where we kill niggers with grace Moonman's been smooth since days of fucking with YouTube I've been the greatest rapper, even better than that nigger Ice Noob

[Tyler] Our mission is to bring back what the forefathers had in mind White Power! In fact right now our country is being brought down by niggers, spics, and jews We must protect our White women, because a black man loves some White tail That's you need organizations like the White Knights to stand up and do something

[Craig] David Duke betrayed the cause He got soft and became some mainstream politican or something, I don't know Uh, so I don't look up to him Now Hitler? He was a god

Oh yeah, that's right Fuck all of you posers, and fuck YouTube You really think you can keep the Moon down? Flag my channel and fuck up all of my videos? You ain't shit No one can silence Moonman and his squad So fuck anyone who opposes me And thinks that they can step up to the Moon WhiteTopia Respect to my fellow White brethren I own this bitch You got my video taken down, sure But what you didn't expect was a comeback WhiteTopia, we're coming to fuck up your town

[Tyler] Gather 'round, men This is what we've been talking about A pure White baby This is what we've been fighting for Take a good look

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